What Does Tebow Think About The Treyvon Martin Execution . . .?

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: April 3, 2012

DENVER, CO. (BASN)—Spring Break allows the mind to wonder . . . of course I know I’m the only guy in America pondering this thought . . . but what does Tim Tebow think about the Treyvon Martin execution . . . ?

I mean Gee, he, the Chosen-One, who “laid hands” on fellow religious fanatic, the injured Bronco Brian Dawkins . . . if Tebow’s so-desiring to “help” mankind and spread the word of Jesus, a words like love n’ tolerance, right? Then good lord, we need him to come down from the Big Apple Skyscraper his residing up in the clouds and heal the sick, raise the dead, better yet . . . cleanse a good number of Angry White folks of their racist ways Let’s not get too-biblical here.
If you want to “impact” the sales of Tebow caps, jerseys and draws . . . let him offer his thoughts on the martin case – in full. Allow him to elaborate on how he, a child-of-God sees such matters. His answer will either eternally endear him to Rednecks from Alaska to Nebraska, or, brand him a Nigger Lover in 21 states. And if we’re talking about letting role-model set examples . . . let’s ask Peyton Manning and Tom Brady how they too feel about America’s most talked-about, most combustible cocktail conversation in America today. Their answers would help millions of parents decide if they’re actually “role models you want your son to grow up to be like, your little girl to marry.” It might also affect if players, obviously Black gladiators would want to go into battle with, or for an individual who sympathizes with, and can defend the George Zimmermans of the world.

I know how the NBA’s Dwayne Wade n’ King James feel, and I’ve got a pretty good idea how the handful of Black NFL quarterbacks Mike Vick, Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III come down on this flammable issue. But I want to know how these cats see it. I think it would prove, if nothing else both interesting and enlightening. This case, like the Mike Vick case, the OJ case, the Bernard Geist case . . . will become the contemporary American racial litmus test. Peyton Manning may not have been “conservative” enough for the fanatical Rocky Mountain Christian fruitcake congregation, at least that’s what the polls, billboards and radio stations amplified, but I guarantee you he and Tebow stand on the same side in the Martin debate. They, at the end of the day will support George Zimmerman. “White-Niggers” neither are, but “Wiggers” they would be branded-in sports-bars, bowling alleys and backyards across the “Heartland” by real White men. The combustible issue is that polarizing. It would be suicidal, John Brown suicidal to side with Blacks in this racial barn-burner. Neither “celebrity” would recover from the “White backlash” for stepping across the racial lines which are as visible to the un-jaded eye as the white lines which outline any gridiron. I’m sorry, despite the personal, individual backlash these sportsmen would receive . . . I want America to know “who” and exactly “what” Tim Tebow is; what religious perspective he represents, who he appeals-to. I want Sarah Palin and Texas Governor Tricky Ricky Perry’s admiration and championing of Tebow to help people construct who he is and what he’s praying for every time he hits his kneels. “Birds of a feather . . . flock together. If Black folks could hear Tebow articulate what his staunchest supporters, as in the overtly intolerant folks like the Focus on the Family believe, their ultra-conservative company lines . . . we’d have to face another stark reality; right beneath the top, under-the-rug . . . woven into the American fabric is 1954 racism still yearning to run rampant through US society . . . including our national pastimes. The idea that White Quarterbacks, the make-believe “face” of a league predominated and dominated by Black men – can skirt-by, tiptoe down the sidelines-of-life and not have to weigh-in on the meaty issues of our day (which Black Quarterbacks feel obligated to weigh-in on) simply-so they can maintain their Great White Hope status above the fray is insulting. To continue to fatten not just their pockets, but that of NFL owners who share their coliseum penthouses with . . .God yes, evil itself Rush Limbaugh – is offensive. Let these born-leaders of men, role-models weigh in. So many willingly weighed-in and financially supported “Big George W. n’ Little Dick Cheney” in both elections, supported McCain against Obama, so why not weigh-in on an issue like this which holds so-much weight in the court-of-public opinion. Have the fans tell it, Tebows the only Boy Scout on a field full of “Vice-Lords”, if that’s so then does that not also entail such an Dudley Do-Right alpha-male taking- a-stand on an issue as hotly debated as this one; a Black life being as valuable as a White life? Yeah, if the New York Post were to permit me to raise my hand at the next Tebow press extravaganza, I’d ask Jesus Christ Jr. what he thinks about the Treyvon Martin case . . . but he’s not crazy . . . just an extreme religious zealot – which means he’s clever-enough to not offend a racially split/divided customer base.Outside of tossing out some politically correct googly goog . .
Tebow understands White folks buy season tickets, jerseys, caps, shoes, underwear, socks, belts, autographed pig skinned bibles . . . . I’d submit though, if Tebow were to stick to the fanatical, fundamental evangelistic Christian holy script . . . his personal paraphernalia sales would skyrocket, not plummet. Then we’d all see he’s preaching to the choir. And I guess a few million dumb-ass Black folks will donate that Tebow Jersey to Goodwill. The national debate would be on. Rightfully so. The sweeping of real issues under the rug in-order to ensure profit streams would halt. Sports fans would really pick n’ choose the items they purchased . . . and that’s something the sports cartel won’t let happen in the US. Can it not be argued Tebow is most adored by and has been adopted/embraced by folks who reflect that slice of the All-American Pie which longs to go back to 1957, when apartheid ruled-the-land? These are the good ol’ boys who long to tell us all; “OK, everyone listen-up . . . Back in your assigned-place; you Colored boys come around to the back-door to pick-up your meals. You Mexicans – you can’t come inside either, can’t you see the “No Dogs/NO Mexicans” sign over-the-door?!” “Hey Jew Boy, same goes for you, I don’t give a damn how much money you have!” And the same goes for Injunes . . . those treaties we signed with you, we want all that Black Gold laden, Texas Tea filled land back! “And you little simple-minded, barefoot, pregnant, slightly educated and completely dependent upon me gals, I don’t need no Hilary Clinton backtalk – all I need is a whore in the bedroom and a maid in the kitchen !” Wow, does that not just sound just like fanatical Muslims. . . . ? Christians, Muslims, Southern Baptist, Puritans, Buddhist, Jehovah Witnesses – a fanatic is a fanatic is a fanatic. Please, please, please God, Allah, Jehovah, whomever . . . protect me from your followers! Nonetheless there’s little debate these religious nuts have made Tebow the most divisive presence in the league . . . Tim Tebow’s army of angry Christian Soldiers, who see him as Thor, with a football helmet and a bible will not accept him not being the savior.Sanchez better not throw a pick. So yes, I believe if sports fans could hear Tebow discuss the Treyvon Martin case, that would have to entail “how” he see’s the country, the politics of the land . . . it would change the NFL forever, perhaps even the nation itself. There might be players, Black or White who wouldn’t want to play with him, let alone for him. And It would be an eye-opener for Black America, and lord knows we need our eyes opened.