The Insane World of professional and college football

By Richard Kent BASN Writer
Updated: April 20, 2012
CONNECTICUT (BASN)—There are plenty of top African-American coaches out there in football and basketball land. None of them ended up with Tampa Bay of the NFL or SMU in college basketball.
Instead, two of the most head scratching hires were made at both places.
Tampa Bay bound...What a Joke

Tampa Bay bound...What a Joke

Tampa Bay tabbed Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano after being turned down by a number of choices. Greg Schiano? He of an overall 68-67 record at Rutgers and 28-48 in Conference. Schiano did build a decent foundation at Rutgers but could not win the big one. His 2006 team had the likes of Ray Rice and could not win a Big East title. As a matter of fact Schiano never won a Big East title. Never even tied for one in 11 years. This year his team had one in its grasp but laid an egg at UConn at the end of the season and had to settle for third.He was known at Rutgers for many strange calls, especially on offense. He engendered qb controversies and drove perhaps the top qb in Rutgers history, Tom Savage off the team by his refusal to play him.
Sure he won a bunch of Bowl games but they were against opponents of a lesser category because his team underachieved in Conference.
Life on the plantation lives on...

Life on the plantation lives on...

Larry Brown,71 was named the head basketball coach at SMU. Brown coached at UCLA and Kansas many years ago and left both Programs with NCAA problems.
His most recent stint was with the Charlotte Bobcats where he went 88-104. Brown simply could not give into his ego and wanted to coach again. Anywhere. SMU wanted a big name despite the fact that he is unlikely to even know the Texas recruiting terrain. Brown has had 13 head coaching jobs.
Both Tampa Bay and SMU could have done better.