By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: April 4, 2012

Robert Griffin III Contributing to the Black Quarterback legacy

Robert Griffin III Contributing to the Black Quarterback legacy

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)–It’s the Return of the Black Quarterback

For the second year in a row, a Black quarterback was awarded the highly-acclaimed Heisman Trophy in college football.

Last year, the controversial Cam Newton, with his chisel chin, beautiful brown-skin and super hero stature, stood proudly at the podium and grabbed the bronze bust with his huge hands to the disapproval of a few disgruntled sports writers, who felt he didn’t deserve the award due to a “pay-for-play scandal, which involved his father (Cecil Newton), who was encouraged not to attend the televised event.

Despite all of that, this year, another “smiling” Ebony signal-caller, with long-black braids tangling in front of his face, super-hero like speed and a pair of superman inspired socks, named Robert Griffin III, from Baylor University, stood at the rostrum with style and eloquence in order to accept the award to the thunderous applause of a standing ovation.

Yes, in the year that was supposed to be about Stanford’s Andrew Luck, a young, energetic Black quarterback nicknamed RG3, won the hearts and respect of college coaches, players, and NFL scouts around the league by leading the Bears of Baylor University to their first nine-win season since 1986.

Incredibly, Newton and Griffin, both, through their excellent on field performances had shattered several stereotypes that sadly had surrounded the legacy of Black quarterbacks entering the NFL.

And even though, Newton had to shut up his naysayers and doubters by passing for more yards than any other rookie QB in the history of the NFL, Griffin hasn’t had to deal with any of the usual negative comments associated with being a Black quarterback so far.

Griffin, in fact, has received nothing but an endless amount of pre-draft praise from NFL analysts.

Griffin, unlike Cam, who many consider extremely arrogant, has been labeled the anti-Newton due to his humble approach to the game and by the way he has handles himself in front of the cameras.

Truthfully, he has been almost flawless on and off the field.

Surprisingly, his personality has outshined even his NFL combine and NFL Pro-Day performances, which were spectacular, to say the least.

For this reason, most NFL scouts have fallen in love with Griffin, the person, as well as the quarterback.

The Scouts marvel at his arm strength, his 4.38 40-speed, his quick decision-making process in the pocket and of course, 70% completion rate in college.

Griffin is so loved that the Washington Redskins decided to trade away their lst round picks in 2013 and 2014 along with their sixth pick as well as their 39th pick in this season NFL draft to the St.Louis Rams in order to have an opportunity to draft him.

According to NFL Draft Analyst, Mike Maddock, RG3 would make the Redskins instantly better if he lands in Washington, despite the recent comments shared by ex-Redskin QB Donovan McNabb.

“Why? One, he’s a playmaker. Two. He aligns with the Shanshan system because he’s mobile” Maddock explained.

“He can go play-action and he’s accurate deep.”

Despite all of the praise, many, however still question Griffin’s durability, especially in the NFC East, where the defense is brutal.

Whether Griffin can avoid the pressure from opposing defensives as well as the pressures of being a Black quarterback in the NFL, time will tell.

But we must all admit, we can’t wait to see the one called RG3 performing with the likes of Tony Romo, Michael Vick, and Eli Manning this season on Sundays for a playoff position and possible a Super Bowl ring.