By Eric D.Graham BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: April 20, 2012
No stopping him now.

No stopping him now.

NEW YORK, NY (BASN)—In the beginning of the year, Carmelo Anthony was slightly out of shape.
But now, he is in playoff condition.
And, recently, with chants of MVP echo-ing in the air, his basketball skills have been jaw-dropping.
As a result, Melo is gaining his respect back from the nasty NY Knick fans, who were questioning his basketball greatness, labeling him selfish and literally handed the team over to an unproven Jeremy Linn.
For instance, on April 15, he dropped 43 points on the Miami Heat.Then, he recorded his second triple-double in his career by dropping 35 points, grabbing 15 rebounds and dishing out 10 assists in a 118 to 110 overtime victory against the Boston Celtics.
Next, Carmelo dropped another 33 points against the New Jersey Nets in a 104 to 95 victory.
Now, the city is buzzing once again.
But, this time, their talking about Carmelo instead of Lin-Sanity.
Anthony, who is averaging 22.6 ppg this season, has been playing in a “New York state of mind” and has proved over the last three games that he is one of the five best players in the NBA, which includes D.Wade, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.


Anthony is playing with a certain swagger, a certain freedom and a certain flow on the court.
His ability to score at will, even has Mike Wilburn of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption comparing him to the legendary NY Knicks’s Bernard King.
Wilburn’s comparison had some validity.
Because, Carmelo like King, can score anywhere on the court.
He can score on the block, behind the three point line, down low and off the dribble.
Plus, his jumper has been silky smooth lately,especially with the ball in his hands under the leadership of Mike Woodson, who is 14-5 since taking over for D’Antoni.
Melo’s passionate play and new found love for defense will be needed in the playoffs.
But in order to silence his critics, he must prevent the NY Knicks from being eliminated in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.