By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: April 4, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—1. VCU’s Bradford Burgess played in 145 consecutive starts, which is a NCAA record.

2. The percentage of Blacks attending college or earning a degree has increased to 44 percent for men and 53 perent for women.

3. Tiger Woods is a 7 to 2 favorite to win the Masters.

4. Austin Rivers, who averaged 15.5 ppg this year as a Freshman, is leaving Duke University for the NBA Draft.

5. The University of Missouri’s Richard Ratliffe had the highest field goal percentage in NCAA this year at 69.3%

6. The number of Black households earning $75,000 or higher grew by almost 64 percent, a rate close to 12 percent greater than the change in the overall population’s earning between 2000 and 2009.

7. Earvin “Magic” Johnson played in the MacDonald’s High School All-American game in 1977.

8. 39% of all Blacks own a smart phone.

9. Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger scored 19 points and grabbed 7 rebs in the 77-70 victory over Syracuse.

10. According to the Nubian Times, for the second year (2010) in a row, more US soldiers killed themselves (468)than died in combat (462).