By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: April 4, 2012

1. What question do you want to ask Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera?

Have you ever been punched in the nose by a little Black boy with a Hoodie on?

2. Lakers or Clippers?


3. Do you watch American Idol?

No. But, I did see the 6-foot- 8 Black dude with the deep voice from New Jersey get kicked off the show. Now, since he is off the show, somebody needs to tell homeboy to pick up a basketball and tryout for the New Jersey Nets. Besides, they need a good center.

4. Should Andrew Bynum have been benched by Coach Mike Brown?

Yes, Andrew Bynum should have been benched for shooting a three-pointer and Metta World Peace should be benched if he shoots more than two 3-pointers in one quarter.

5. If Lebron James opened up a night club, what would he name it?

The Hair Club for Men. (laugh).

6. Louisville versus Kentucky?

It’s the Armageddon of Kentucky. There’s going to be a lot of crying, cursing and cheering. YEE-HAW!!!

7. What comedian makes you laugh but makes you think at the same time?

Paul Mooney. But, why does he wear a do-rag? I told you, he makes you think.

8. What team do you NOT want to see play in the NBA Finals?

The San Antonio Spurs. Boring.

9. Are Republicans and Democrats the same?

Yes, they are the same. They just speak a different type of Rhetoric.

10. Who curses more Ozzie Gullien or Tim Tebow?

This question is too easy to answer. Therefore, it doesn’t require a *#@% answer!!!

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