By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: April 4, 2012


1. Do you know who the Black Mamba is?

Yes, even with a mask on, I could recognize the Black Mamba. Besides, you can’t hide greatness.

2. Who is the best six-man in the NBA?

James Harden aka Mister Blackbeard

3. Did you see Peyton Manning’s press conference?

Yes, I saw it. But, I thought it was Whitney Houston’s funeral due to all the crying.

4. Is Tiger Woods back?

Only if he has a blonde bimbo on his arm.

5. What television show should be canceled?

Basketball Wives should be canceled because it is destroying the image of the Black woman in America. Besides, all they do is eat, drink and fight. They are so uncivilized.

6. Rick Pitino or John Calipri?

It really doesn’t matter. Both of them are slick.

7. If someone at school tries to bully you, who would you call?

I’ll call rapper Jim Jones. Dipset.Dipset. Dipset.

8. Who is George Zimmerman?

A dead man walking

9. Are you impressed by Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point performance?

No, I am not impressed by Wilt’s 100 point performance. Besides, I scored a 100 points on my last two spelling test.

10. What is the most hostile place of the planet?

While most people may think it is Afghanistan or Iraq, it is actually any freshman female dormitory on any college campus in America. Now, that’s hostility.

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