Can Tim Tebow Save A Town’s Way-Ward Hooligans?

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: April 17, 2012

DENVER,CO. (BASN)—And Tim Tebow said . . . “Let there be light . . .” Apparently two bible-thumpin’ aristocrats, who didn’t want to be identified at the second annual Tim Tebow Celebrity Golf Classic kick-off gala . . . came with mighty-deep pockets, and laid-out $100,000 greenbacks, as in ice cold-cash, moo-lah, smack-a-roos, bread, cheese – to have the opportunity to spend an entire day with the anointed one. But wait, they’ve decided instead of merely “breaking-bread” with Tebow they want him to speak-to and interact-with all the poor underprivileged children near their home in the Florida Keys. . . .as a spokesperson for the event stated the couple hoped it might make a change. “They live in a part of town that has a lot of people in need and a lot of people with a lot of wealth,” Dellenback added. “She felt bringing Timmy to her town down there would maybe change the town.” I can only assume his outlook on life with give them hope . . .? The couple, evidently believes Tebow has the power to . . . heal the sick, raise the dead, cloth the naked, feed the hungry, house the homeless . . . you get the picture? This is all-so interesting considering, as was widely reported, Tim Tebow was also recently “Booed” by the Big Apple fanbase at a Yankee Baseball game . . . .Most of those folks wouldn’t spend a hundred bucks to watch this kid play, let-alone a hundred grand to spend-the-day with him. Clearly they don’t buy-into his gridiron healing powers nor perhaps his ability But apparently they’re millions who do believe this young man has a special relationship with Jesus and by merely coming in contact with him, they’ll be “better people” and somehow be now-equipped/enlightened to the point . . . they get their you know what together. Tebow’s able to wash, cleanse the unwashed masses. . . . I was simply hoping Tebow might convince rich folks to stop hoarding all the resources, monopolizing power and only allowing the never-more-elusive American Dream to “trickle-down ” to but-a-few., a-mere midget’s handful of the unwashed masses. The money could have been better spent, that’s for damn sure on a vast array of items these kids need. Pray n’ a pep-talk ought be free. I’m sorry, but Obama, that Black Muslim/Marxist/racist/elitist half-breed illegal-alien who’s stolen the White House, the country and darkened All-American culture . . . is the guy who’s making-a-change in poor kids life, and he’s doing it by advancing an agenda Conservative politicians are indifferent-to, if not outright oblivious to the tragic plight of this nation’s poor. And wait; The president’s foe in this epic battle for the hearts n’ minds of the little folk, in his struggle to make the American Dream more than just a dream for 90% of the American population . . .. . . the conservative religious fundamentalist! Yes, the very folks Tebow is a mouthpiece-for, who he “represents and speaks for.” You may not dig this, but dig this; The same religious extremist who oppose Obama – support Tim Tebow. Sure Tebow may have orphanages in the Philippines, but there’re few within the rank n’ file Rednecks who support Tebow here in the US who want to live next-door to a Black family, let-alone adopt a Black kid. Not-to-mention, fanatical Tebow supporters are clearly apart of a segment-of-society which yearns to still tell women what to do with their bodies via criminalizing abortions, yet once the child is here . . . you’re on your own; the FDR/LBJ/MLK safety-net is being riddled with holes big enough for a 5 year old girl to fall through. Only the strong survive. Everyman for himself. I got mine . . you get yours. Women and children first . . . please, those rules didn’t apply a century-ago on the RMS. Titanic and they don’t hold much water today amongst these hypocritical bible-thumpers who hide behind dead babies, in- order to maintain as much control over women as their great -grandfathers welded. If you accept Tebow has magical/biblical healing powers, what this couple has done was a beautiful gesture, but in reality it’s both scary and ludicrous the power, the unnatural abilities these fanatical believers place in a young man because he plays football and has accepted Jesus Christ (Nordic Viking version of-course) as his personal lord and savior . . . . “It was very humbling, and you don’t necessarily feel worthy,” Tebow said following the golf tournament on Saturday. “That day I feel like I’ve got to do a few extra things to be special, you know? I’ve got to try to be a little better.” You know, either this kid is Opie Taylor and the Beave rolled into the last Choir Boy, or he’s a Charlatan, a pimp, swindler, cheat, trickster, fraud, deceiver, charlatan, a hustler baby. And, he’s operating in a profession as old as prostitution, religion. Using the good book and the lord’s word to break the bank. I’ll tell ya’ what, Tim Tebow wouldn’t be the first cat nor the last to steal in the name of the lord . . . . Hell I’ve got some in-laws doing the same thing. If there is a heaven n’ hell, then yes I can only imagine there’s a special place on the Lake of Fire for these bastards. God, please protect me from your followers . . . . But thank the stars, I’m a modern day Heathen – I seriously question the validity of contemporary man-made religion. I believe US philosopher Thomas Paine got it right a few centuries ago . . .The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.