Trayvon Martin Another Black American Tragic Event

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 31, 2012

Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

OAKLAND,CA. (BASN)–The Trayvon Martin alleged murder case in Sanford, Florida is getting a life of its own. On the weekend of March 23-25 Police Chief Lee stepped down temporarily as commander in chief of the Sanford Police Department. Chief Lee states he does not want to be a distraction to this case.


Sorry, he is already a distraction because he did not enforce the law and will not take the responsibility. Mr. Lee should be fired because this is not the first time an African American has died unexplained on his watch. A year ago a Sanford Police officer shot and killed a young unarmed African American woman after a local NAACP meeting. This incident was never investigated and the officer was cleared to go back on duty.

There are many questions that should to be answered before we can move on. There were rallies all over the country in support of the Martin family. Black men and women who never wore a hoodie were putting them on in support of a young Black man cut down early in life.


The rallies and speeches will continue. Read your local papers for times and places. THE FIGHT IS NEVER OVER, it just changes course. We now have a new mission and we must make this into a positive movement.


Many things were not done by the Sanford police force that should have been done.

First George Zimmerman was taken to the police station for more questioning, and then later released. WHY?


Questions, it took three days for the Sanford Police Force to inform Trayvon parents, WHY? It took a month to get this information to the American public? WHY? Think about this, if it were not for the diligence of our National Black Media, America still would not know about this tragic event. Trayvon would just be another statistic in the ever growing list of young African American deaths by gun violence. 5,000 young Americans Black, White, Latino, and Middle Eastern between the ages of 4-21 die each year via HAND GUNS.

If you add up ALL of the deaths via hand guns in China, Japan, Korea, and the Philippine Islands it would not even come close to the number of children’s deaths in the United States.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zimmerman is walking around Sanford a free man

Next Mr. Zimmerman, is the son of a retired judge and has a record in the judicial system. It is surprising that the Sanford Police Department did not recognize his voice on the phone or when their units arrived at the scene.

Next question why did he have a gun with a hidden crime record, last why was he not or has not been given a blood, urine, alcohol test?


Court documents obtained by the cable network, on Tuesday March 27, show that George Zimmerman, went to court in 2005 and 2006 for accusations of domestic violence, tussling with a police officer and speeding. The three incidents took place in Orange County, Florida.

Mr. Zimmerman was informed by the police dispatcher to back off and that a patrol car was on the way. He allegedly proceeded, not doing what was requested by the police and continued to confront Martin in the streets. This show arrogance and defince for the law and for another human beings.

This young man went to the local 7-11 to get his brother some Skittles and a soda.


On Friday, March 23rd, the Sanford Police released the audio tape of the phone call. One can hear Mr. Zimmerman trying to catch his breath and using profanity. Why was he out of breath when he was told to stay in one place and wait for the officers to arrive?


Mr. Zimmerman was the captain of the neighborhood watch program and he took his duties seriously to the point where many other neighbors were scared of him and reported him to the Sanford Police Department as being too overzealous in performing his duties.


On Saturday March 24th The television reporter Geraldo Riviera stated that the hoodie Martin wore was the major reason why he was killed. If that were true, then the ladies of the night should be told to change their dress style. If this were so then every American male should be wearing a suit and tie or never wear a hoodie.


This is blantant racial profiling and stereotyping which continues in this country when it pertains to young African American males.


Riviera on Tuesday March 27, retracted his statement and apologized to the Martin Family.


Thursday March 22,the sports world joined the movement when the Miami Heat Basketball team led by Dwayne Wade and LaBron James donned hoodies and donated posters in support of the Martin Family.


Sunday March 25, members of African American Churches all over the country wore hoodies. Black ministers all over the land stood in the pulpit delivering their sermon in hoodies. America had gotten the message.


Monday, March 26, African American Representive Bobby Rush was reprimanded for violating rules on wearing a hat in the House Chambers, because he came to the podium to speak wearing a hoodie. Is it different when Irish- American House members wear green hats on Saint Patrick’s Day ? Do these members get the same reprimand?


Monday, March 26, many Americans, Black, White, Asian, and Middle Eastern put a photo of themselves wearing a hoodie on all of the internet social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and others.


Our president’s hands are tied because he is of darker hue. They are tied because of the current racial climate in the United States. What this means is that he can rush to the defense of Ms. Fluke, who spoke on the Congressional floor for women’s reproductive rights. Ms. Fluke was attacked by Rush Limbaugh on his conservative radio show, calling her every name in the book. Three days later The President made a personal phone call to Ms. Fluke with his support.


The President cannot call the Martin Family because these same conservative Republicans would state that he did it only because he is Black.


He did not rush to the defense of the Martin family because Republican conservatives did exactly that.


It all started on Friday, March 23. The GOP tried to say that our president was making this incident into a racial issue when the President addressed the Martin case he stating publicly that if he had a son it would look like him and we should protect all American children. That was not a racial statement!!!..It was a statement of a father caring for his child. But what a media sound bite. Of course the American media ran with the sound bite and got attention.


During the Louisiana primary, Republican presidential canidate Newt Ginrich stated that the President should not make a race issue out of this tragedy, only to retract his statement Monday, March 27.


It is interesting to note that canidate Mitt Romney has yet spoken on the issue.


Meanwhile Mr. Santorum was at a pistol range in Louisiana and a woman yelled in the background pretend that the target is Obama. She repeated it several times. The woman on the tape has yet to be identified. This is a verbal attack on the president because he is our leader and she apparently disagreed with his polices. It was because of his skin tone.


This event certainly sounds like another Civil Rights violation as another young African American dies for no other reason than he was a young BLACK man in the wrong place at the wrong time.


So, now the world knows about the incident, the mainstream media and the Sanford law enforcement community tried to slander and demonize young Trayvon Martin.


Just like the American press demonized pop singer, Whitney Houston a few weeks ago with her autopsy report. The media released Trayvon’s school records of being expelled, his possession of drugs, and perceived to have a quick temper. All stereo types of young Black males hoping that the American public will buy it then move on. It’s not working.

Mr. Martin was an honor student who could not get to school on time. After three days of being late he got suspended for a week. Oh, the American media and Sanford police conveniently forgot that.


On Tuesday, March 27, a witness appeared on Television stating he saw Martin being the aggressor in the attack that night. Where did this man come from and why it took a month for him to make a statement? Now the seeds of deceit and deception are being planted in the minds of the American public. With the help of this witness who happens to be African American. The old house Negro and field Negro card is being played again. It is not working.


On Wednesday, March 28, the Sanford Police Department released the tape of Zimmerman arriving at the police station. It appears that Mr. Zimmerman did not have evidence of blood anywhere. Zimmerman claims that Trayvon was on top of him punching him and slamming his head into the concrete. In this police video no evidence could be found of these claims.


This is the nightmare that Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. warned African Americans about this 55 years ago.


Last question will this sad episode come to a peaceful solution or confrontation because if history is correct and consistent The United States only understands these two issues. Money or the loss of money and a mass conflict make Americans pay attention. Every political, social, or economic change has come from either one or the other.


Trayvon Martin could be the beginning of another historical march to social freedom for young African American males.

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