Peyton Manning Not “White Enough” For Bronco Fans . . .?

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: March 16, 2012

Did you ever see an elephant fly? Well, I’ve seen a horse fly. Ah, I’ve seen a dragon fly. Hee-hee. I’ve seen a house fly.

DENVER, CO. (BASN)—Here it is now, I thought I’d done seen it all, heard it all . . . but now, here-tell-it . . word is Tim Tebow is a better NFL signal caller then Peyton Manning . . . then now I done heard it all, a-l-l I say. Nonetheless, there’s an argument being waged; the Bronco’s would be foolish to trade-away Tim Tebow, and sign the, the Peyton Manning. Why? Well like the Republican TEA Party Presidential Candidate Mitch Romney . . . Manning is not conservative enough, thus not really “White enough.” The well-known Denver billboard – which urged the NFL’s Denver franchise to anoint QB Tim Tebow last season is today asking the fanatical fan base whether it favors Tebow or Peyton Manning. Now, you may not dig this, but dig this; The voting site has received nearly 20,000 responses, and 59% of the voters favored keeping the young Christian gladiator who led the Broncos to the AFC West title in 2011 . . . . over General Peyton, the Seventh Son who lead the Colts to two Super Bowls while winning a record four MVP awards during his 14-year tenure in Indy. Tim Tebow is so-much-so the poster-boy, the figurehead of a White male backlash to regain the one-time stranglehold White guys had on American pop-culture, that here at ground-zero, plus five-thousand and some feet, the Mile Hi City – one of our little cow-town’s most popular drive-time talk radio version of Hollywood’s Inglorious Bastards Christoph Waltz /Col. Hans Landa – Dandy Dan Caplis – the heart, soul. . . and mouth of Angry White men from the peaks to the prairie. He’s daily laying-out multiple diabolically brilliant reasons for rejecting Peyton Manning and embracing the Chosen One, Tim Tebow Now, the fact he’s doing it between belittling and insulting the current man standing in the Oval Office, and I don’t mean this president’s policies, but rather branding Obama with a Black heart, a Black soul, a dark character with no character – says much about who Tebow’s Christain soldiers are – the unspoken alliance Tim has with angry, paranoid, White folks who deeply desire to “take back their country” – its popular culture icons and they see Tebow as their Thor, here to pick-up where John Wayne, Pat Boone, Davy Crockett, Frank Gifford, Elvis – left-off.. This relationship between must be recognized and noted, the sports-world can’t continue to ignore who n’ what Tebow represents, what he is symbolic of . . . like the south, The White man will rise again . . . . That’s precisely what millions of people, White folks see when this kid walks onto the gridiron. Tebow is a hero to white folks because of his off-the-field convictions more-so then his on- field pass completions; so-much-so they’re willing to sacrifice a NFL franchise to prove their Puritan point; Their man, their Messiah, his thoughts, ideas, beliefs – what he embodies and represents is superior. Tebow is the Christan soldier, the modern-day gladiator-for-God come-to-life who can show the world who the “real man” is in America. Peyton Manning may be White, but he ain’t nearly “Far-Right Enough.” He doesn’t kneel enough and thank the baby-Jesus for that 47-yard completion with 54 seconds on the clock . . . . Many of you may not dig this . . . but dig this; Peyton Manning ain’t White enough for real Rocky Mountain Rednecks . . . Now note, just to give you a upfront, in-the-room snapshot; Caplis is a baller/gentleman brawler for such folks as the Heritage Institute/ Sarah Palin/Focus on The Family”/ Rick Santorum/Republican TEA Party. An Alpine Assassin charged with killing Peyton to save young Private Tebow. He claims to have played a meaningful role in motivating n’ mobilizing the “play Tebow” movement back in October. Let’s once-more get down to both the nitty n’ the gritty; Tebow, and at this point in the game – only Tebow is the livin’, breathin’, erected extension of th e Great, White Male Penis, a penis which has shrunk under the scrutiny of racial integration. Tebow loves his God (the Nordic Viking version of Jesus) his country, his mother, apple pie. He don’t drink firewater, curse, smoke, chew, or go out with girls who do the do. Like John Wayne, Tim tebow appears to be what a hefty chunk of America, white America aspires to be. White running backs are all but extinct, Receivers are an endangered spices, and no one’s seen a Caucasian Receiver like Wesley Walker in half an century – since Bambi roamed the San Diego hills, so a Evangelistic fundamental Christan Missionaries kid with a little speed n’ flair to his game, clearly he must excel, become the “new face” of the NFL. Who do you think the US “Heartland “, the interior wants on the front of the “Wheaties” box, Cam’ Newton, RGIII, MIke Vick, Josh Freeman or Tebow? Obviously fair n’ open competition has proven to be a bitch for the White guy. All the make-believe domination came to squeaking-halt. Ali, the other Peyton – Walter, Doctor Julius ErvIn, tHammering Hank, Mr October, all those Black pioneers did the heavy lifting -off of the false veil of “White supremacy” and brothers ain’t let them pull the sheets back down over every-one’s eyes since. But it looks like you can always tell there’re White men wearing White sheets in all fascist and aspects of l ife in America. Ponder the thought; Dr King died because White folks wanted to pimp n’ exploit hard-working Black garbage men in Memphis. Tell me damn-near every tier of life in America ain’t painted nor tainted by color? Screw just life, cemeteries across the land use to be racially segregated – by popular law! And so now you think it far-fetched for me to suggest that racial attitude sits dormant in America. Please, kiss me when you’re blow’in hot air up my ass baby. Here, I’ll circle the stadium again with a giant banner . . . Tebow is the extension of the White male penis, a penis which has shrunk under the scrutiny of integration, of fair and open competition. Tebow represents an entire front in the Angry white man’s little war to take back “his country” from the Niggers/Spics/Chinks/ Cunts and Injunes – turban’s and Papooses. You can agree with my sentiment or not, but I’m sorry, I’m playing the Last Poets “Wake Up Ni**ers” in the back ground and I can’t help but realize Americans-of-Color better realize we’re at war, it may be a “cold ” war today, but it’s a war nonetheless against Real Americans, angry, hostile White folks who are demanding “their All- American Culture” back. They want to be the definers-of, and the face-of . . . . “ what is Americana.” The NFL’s Golden Boy position, as well as President of the world’s most powerful nation,, the world’s most beautiful women, the world’s best golfer or Heavy Weight champion, being an Astronaut or Academy Award winning actor . . . all occupations should be, ought be, was divinely created but for only White people, really, really White people.