Magdaleno passes a substancial test

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: March 25, 2012

Diego Magdaleno showed he's got the medal to go all the way, becoming the best of the featherweights

Diego Magdaleno showed he's got the medal to go all the way, becoming the best of the featherweights

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)—Diego Magdaleno is considered an up and coming prospect making his second appearance on SHOBOX, The Next Generation against the tough Fernando Beltran. Beltran had lost four of his previous six fights but this was a fighter who had fought some of the best and been a title contender. For Magdaleno, this was a substantial test and Beltran had never been stopped. Magdaleno came into this fight with only seven knockouts in his twenty one victories, so it would appear that the power advantages lay with Beltran along with experience.
The first round set the tone for the fight as Magdaleno stayed in front of the hard slugging Beltran and simply teed off. His quick hands and slick combinations laced Beltran face and instead of playing the cute boxer, he stayed within Beltran power reach. Beltran could not unleash his own counters as he simply kept his hands up to keep from being totally overwhelmed by Magdaleno swift hands.
For the next three rounds, the pattern was the same as Magdaleno attacked and nailed Beltran with combinations while Beltran countered with one punch here and a punch there. Going into the fifth round, Magdaleno connected on twice as many punches and he was twice as accurate. At the beginning of the fifth round, Beltran found Magdaleno with one solid left that sent Magdaleno down for a flash knockdown. Beltran looked to change the momentum of the fight and push the fight in his direction. The fight key moment occurred after the knockdown. Magdaleno took his fight game to another level as he delivered a combination that sent Beltran reeling into the rope. From this point, he pounded Beltran from one end of the ring to another. From this point until the end of the fight, Magdaleno threw sharp accurate combination that often buckled Beltran knees but beltron managed to stay standing. At the beginning of the seventh round, Magdaleno slipped a five punch combination that trapped Beltran on the rope. At the two minute mark, Beltran went down from a barrage of punches. Beltran managed to get up but Magdaleno continued his assault as Beltran covered up. During one of those barrages of Magdaleno’s punches, Beltran’s corner threw in the towel. As for Beltran, he was disappointed since he had never failed to finish a fight before but there was no doubt he was not going to win.

As for Magdaleno, this was a big win as he made the next step up.

In the opening bout, two 11-0 fighters collided but the real intention was on Yordenis Ugas. Ugas was the fighter with stardom written all over and Johnny Garcia was the opponent. Garcia decides that he was not going to play the role of opponent and just another name on Ugas resume but instead, he came out smoking. Throughout the bout, he threw more punches, connected on more punches but he was the less accurate puncher and the weaker puncher. Ugas threw the sharper punch including a fifth round knockdown in the fifth round but this fight was determine by the grittiness of Garcia.
Garcia was not the more talented fighter but he was the better fighter this night as he simply forced Ugas to fight his fight and at his pace. With the exception of the fifth round, every round was close and even the fifth round belonged to Garcia for the first two minutes before the knockdown. Two judges had it 76-75 for Garcia and one judge had 76-75 in favor of Ugas. The fight was close and all three judges could easily have it right. It was that kinda of a fight but it does show that in boxing, heart and simply will to win can triumph.