By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: March 29, 2012

NORTH CAROLINA—(BASN) 1. Do you practice polygamy?

No, but evidently Newt Gingrich does

2. Is Randy Moss a Hall of Famer?

No, Randy Moss is a quitter. I didn’t say it, Cris Carter did.

3. What is your favorite Whitney Houston song?

I will always love you from the Bodyguard soundtrack.

4. Do you like Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban?

Yes, I like Mark Cuban. Because, he has enough money to speak his mind without worrying about the consequences.

5. This is an election year, what does that mean?

Another war

6. What did your girlfriend get you for Valentine’s Day?

A headache and an upset stomach.

7. Where will Dwight Howard end up?

He going to end up on the bench, if he continues to play so poorly.

8. Carmelo or LIN?

That’s a stupid question, Carmelo

9. Have you ever been in a bar fight?

No, but Kevin Garnett has….that’s what he told Craig Sager.

10. Have you gone to Washington, DC to see the MLK Memorial Statue?

Yes, and I personally apologized to him for President Obama’s behavior.