By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: March 15, 2012

1. Do you think Dez Bryant is the new Michael Irvin?

Yes, Dez Bryant is the new Michael Irvin. The only difference is Michael Irvin got in trouble and won Super Bowls.

2. Is Lin-Sanity officially over?

Yes, Lin-Sanity is officially over. And, Floyd Mayweather, unfortunately, was correct.

3. What advice do you have for Kobe Bryant aka the Black Mamba?

Stick to playing basketball, you are not a super model.

4. If RG3 goes to the Washington Redskins, what will eventually happen?

Coach Mike Shanahan probably will force RG3 to cut his braids. And when RG3 refuses, Satan, I mean Mike Shanahan , will force him to run laps and eventually bench him for Rex Grossman.

5. Who is funnier Kevin Heart or Eddie Murphy?

I am not going to fall for the banana in the tail pipe. Eddie Murphy is definitely funnier than Kevin Hart. Not now. But, back in the day.

6. Is Tiger Woods’s golf career over?

I don’t know…but why were news helicopters following him after he walked off the golf course as if he was O.J.Simpson.

7. Who is one of your favorite R&B singers?

Maxwell. However, I like him better when he had an uncombed Afro.

8. Is Pat Knight a motivator or a hater?

He is a motivator because Lamar University made the NCAA Tournament.

9. Do you like Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Love?

I love Kevin Love but after seeing him step on Luis Scola’s head, I changed my mine.


10. Should NY Knicks coach D’antoni be fired?

Yes, Coach D’antoni should be fired and be replaced by TNT’s NBA analyst Kenny Smith. Let’s go Knicks.

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