By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: March 1, 2012

1. What advice do you have for Tavis Smiley?

Attack the government, not the man.

2. Why are the Charlotte Bobcats so bad?

I think Michael Jordan is betting against his own team. I am just saying….

3. Who should be Newt Gingrich’s Vice President, if he wins the Republican nomination?

Herman Cain should be Newt’s VP. Besides, they both like cheating on their wives. And they both think racism doesn’t exist.

4. Did you see New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski dancing after losing the Super Bowl?

Yes. Gronk looked drunk as a skunk.

5. Which finger-pointing incident was more disrespectful, NBA Commissioner David Stern and Dwyane Wade or Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and President Obama?

There is no comparison. That, ugly white woman, was totally out of line. Point -blank!!!

6. If you can’t run, tackle, or catch, what could you do in the NFL?

Become the Commissioner, like Roger Goodell

7. Did you watch the Super Bowl?

Yes, I watched the Super Bowl and Chad OchoCinco was a NOT “BLEEPIN” factor just like his finance’ Evelyn said on Basketball Wives.

8. Why is Floyd Mayweather hating on New York Knicks Asian-American point guard Jeremy Lin?

Because, he is afraid to fight a Filipino fighter named Manny Pacquino.

9. How long will you be cartoon?

Hopefully, I will outlive Ziggy.

10. Carmelo or Jeremy Lin?

Are you serious? Carmelo….

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