By Eric D.Graham
Updated: March 1, 2012

1. Do you think Professional Wrestling is fake?

It’s as fake as Nikki Manji’s butt.

2. Have you seen Chad Ochocinco’s new Reebok commercial?

Yes, I have seen Chad’s new Reebok commercial. I guess, he is working out for the IFL, like T.O.

3. Did you see P-Diddy during the Slam-Dunk contest?

Yes, I saw P-diddy. And, I like to say, white men can’t jump and Diddy can’t rap.

4. Do you miss the “Macho-Man”Randy Savage?

Yes, I miss the “Macho-Man.” Plus, I haven’t eaten a Slim-Jim since he died.

5. What do you think about Pat Knight?

Like Father, like son.

6. Do you think J.R. Smith will fit in New York?

Yes, J.R.Smith will do well in New York. Besides, he has more graffiti on his body than the subways in Harlem.

7. What does Michael Jordan want for his 49th birthday?

A win….

8. Do you think Donald Trump is an angry white man?

No, Donald Trump is an angry orange man. (laugh)

9. Who is going to win the Super Bowl next year?

I don’t know?…. Ask Rex Ryan

10. Is Jeremy Lin better than Allen Iverson?

Knickbocker, please!!! But, isn’t it funny, how Jeremy Lin went from living on his brother’s couch while playing in the D-league to become a starter in the NBA. And, Allen Iverson went from living in mansion while playing in the NBA to living on some brother’s couch while trying to play in the D-league. Man, we are living in the Twilight Zone, for real…


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