Here comes the Beast of the East

By Richard Kent BASN Writer
Updated: March 11, 2012

Here we go again...

Here we go again...

CONNECTICUT (BASN)—-One of the great sports events was just completed at Madison Square Garden, the Big East Tournament. Louisville beat Cincinnati in a Final which was not predicted but still played in front of a huge and boisterous crowd.
It maked the end of Big East basketball for Syracuse,Pittsburgh and West Virginia.
Syracuse really? They chose to chase the ACC money and in the process probably lowered their lofty basketball standing. Forget football. Syracuse is already in football oblivion and the program may even fall further, you know to a BC depth in the ACC.
But basketball. Is Syracuse and the country really looking forward to a Syracuse-Clemson Big Monday? No. And we have it on good information that Jim Boeheim isn’t despite what he may be saying publicly about the geographical problems with the new Big East.
Syracuse-UConn at noon on Thursday drew a huge crowd at The Garden. Will the same be true for the aforesaid Clemson rivalry.

Don’t kid yourself.

The ACC is all about Tobacco Road. Duke and Carolina. Syracuse, especially after Boeheim will be a poor step-child to them.
New York kids grow up dreaming of playing for Cuse and in the Big East Tournament. And it doesn’t hurt that their families can see them play at St. John’s,Seton Hall and Rutgers.
Dr. Gross at Syracuse has never been known as the most astute AD. He had a hand in the football demise.He help ram the ACC down the throats of the Syracuse Trustees out of a combination of money and fear for the future of the Big East.
Take the BC model. They had a very good football program and a good men’s and women’s basketball program. Now no one cares about them on the national scene. Selections Sundays no longer exist there.
Will Syracuse fall out of the top 20 next season.

No. Of couse not. They have Boeheim and a bunch of talent coming back.

But take a look in 5 years with Mike Hopkins at the helm and no New York City stronghold. Can you spell Wake Forest?