Friday Night Fights for the week.

By Tom Donelson, BASN Boxing Writer
Updated: March 5, 2012
Joan Guzman

Joan Guzman

IOWA CITY, IOWA (BASN)—Joan Guzman began his career as a knockout artist but as his career proceeded, he turned into a slick boxer. Weight gain has jeopardize his career as he often failed to hit the right weight for key bouts including a few years back when a proposed bout for Nate Campbell lightweight title went by the wayside when he failed to make weight.
In the first bout, Ed Paredes came into the bout having won eight fights and one draw over his last nine fights and facing another veteran, Manuel Leyva. Over the first round, Paredes chased Leyva throughout and landed solid shots as he attempted to cut off the ring.
Paredes started to take control in the third round as he nailed the southpaw Leyva with solid rights and occasional left hooks but he never truly put the heat on his opponent as Leyva moved enough to escape Paredes attack. Paredes continued pressing the action as he forced Leyva to move backward but took his time while slowly dismantling his opponent.
With a minute left in the fifth round, Paredes trapped Leyva on the rope and boom, a right upper cut sent Leyva down. After Leyva got up, Paredes went after his staggered opponent and sent Leyva down with another upper cut which open up a gash over Leyva right eye. Leyva survived the fifth round and he moved in the sixth to avoid the sledgehammer punches of Paredes.
Paredes came out in the seventh round aggressively as he close the gap against Leyva with body shots. He unleashed left hooks to the body and hurt Leyva with another solid left hook to the body halfway through the round and followed up with yet another upper cut that sent Leyva down for the third time. As Leyva struggled to get up, the referee stopped the fight as it was obvious who was the better fighter. Paredes continued his streak of no losses in his last ten fights as he now searches for bigger fights.
Guzman came into the fight as the heavy favorite and it took all but thirty seconds for Guzman to put Jesus Pabon down with a solid right. Guzman went to the body to set up a second big punch. Throughout the next two rounds, Guzman attacked and near the end of third round, a Guzman body shot split Pabon body in half as he went down. Pabon managed to get up and survive the round.
Pabon hit the canvas a third knockdown in the fourth round even though this knockdown did not hurt Pabon. Guzman simply continued to walk Pabon down but Guzman seemed intent to have rounds as he looked for spots to score a spectacular knockout. While Guzman remained patient, Pabon actually showed so offence as he hit Guzman with a combination near the end of the fourth round.
Other than a big left hook that landed halfway through the seventh round, Guzman continued his leisurely pace as he simply treated the later part of the bout more as a sparring session as he simply throw enough punches to win rounds and covered up when Pabon threw punches in his direction. In the eighth round, Guzman began the round as he did the others, moving in relaxed fashion. In the middle of the round, Guzman countered with a left hook as he avoided a Pabon right hook and then, Guzman beat him to the punch with another left hook that sent Pabon down for the count. Pabon’s head turn 180 degrees before hitting the ground in the fight ending knock out. Guzman showed that he is an effective fighter and one got the impression that Guzman could have ended the fight anytime and in the eighth round saw one of those spectacular knockouts that make boxing the great sport it is.