Ethan Telfair is the next great NYC point guard

By By Travis H. Singleton, BASN sports writer
Updated: March 20, 2012

Ethan Telfair

Ethan Telfair

BOSTON, MA. (BASN)–Ethan Telfair is one of New York’s young rising stars and this year was just a start for what’s to come. He was a junior this year at Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn and has to live up to the expectations of having an older brother in Sebastian Telfair already in the NBA but, that doesn’t stop him it just drives him to challenge himself and get better with every step he takes in his basketball game I caught up with him for an Interview. Check It Out Below

Who’s your biggest motivation and people you pushing you to be all you can be?
My brother’s and my mom, they push me and my mom tell’s me to stick with my school work and says I can be something if I keep working hard and my brother’s say I have talent so they tell me to keep doing what I’m doing and I’ll be alright.
What’s your best basketball moment in your young career so far?
Number one basketball moment would be when we played against CIA Bounce AAU and we was down early so I started hitting 3 pointers all over the place and there was a lot of coaches watching us play that’s why it was pretty big.
Who’s your favorite basketball player growing up and who’s your favorite basketball player now?
My brother haha, and he is now but besides my brother I would have to go with Chris Paul as my favorite player.
What’s your strength and weaknesses?
My strength is I’m a good leader and I keep my teammates in the game and my strength’s are I’m a good passer and I can penetrate to the basket.

My weakness’s I gotta get stronger and can’t complain about my height but sometimes people knock me off the ball while dribbling. I want to be more consistent in my jump shot and I want to be more consistent with it and see my shot go in a lot more.

Do you feel any pressure with the expectations of being one of New York City’s best basketball players?
Not really just playing basketball and doing something I love and if I’m doing it that good and people think I’m one of the best point guards or players I’m not going to go out and say it and be cocky I’ll let people out there say it. I think their is more pressure with Sebastian being my brother rather an the pressure of being one of the best in NYC.
How is the pressure with your brother being in the league. Do you feel you have to pass him and be better?
It’s not a competition with me and my brother that’s my family but, other people do expect more from me because of what he did. We play two different styles of ball he was a scoring guard and I’m a passing guard so I won’t let none of that get to my head and there isn’t pressure even though I haven’t won a ring but I really want to be apart of history too.
If you Jamel,Sebastian and Stephon were in your prime, who wins a game of 21 and why?
I gotta go with Jamel with that game because, he is bigger than us by like more than 5 inches haha and he’s strong too. If you play up on him he can go by us and he shoot’s the long ball. It’s hard to contain him even though Stephon and Sebastian are fast but Jamel still comes out with the win.
Talk about the Lincoln Railsplitters season this year, and the relationship you have with Coach Tiny?
The season it wasn’t a success because, we came up short in the finals against Boys and Girls but we had up and down moments in the season. We became one of the best team’s in the city,state, and in the country because we did play pretty well against Mater Dei in California but this season was like a roller coaster so we was up and down but it wasn’t too good this year. Me and Coach we pretty cool we don’t really talk that much outside but when we talk it’s usually about school and how life is going but, our relationship is decent because he knows my family. Me and him have a cool relationship but he’s the coach and I’m the player so what he say’s go and I rock with it.
What do you think the Railsplitters have to do in order to put that banner up for Lincoln next season?
We have to be more consistent and everyone has to know their role instead of too much thinking and too much competition within in the team. We didn’t know who was going to beat us with this roller coaster season so we never wanted to get in trouble by talking and not talking but this season was very complicated compared to my first two season’s at Lincoln.
What colleges have showed interest in you and which college’s are you interested in?
Coach said it’s not good to say what college’s I’m interested in because, you don’t know who could be looking at you and which college’s can back off you. But I think I’m getting looked at by St.Peter’s, Oklahoma and Iowa State. If I had a dream school it would be Louisville like that school.

I wish my brother went their too hopefully I can go their and show them what a Telfair is about.

What’s your favorite movie and what’s another hobby besides basketball?
Favorite movies would be “Love and Basketball” and “Through The Fire” and I like playing football that two hand touch because. I tried football before and my mom shut that down.
What’s your favorite sneaker’s to ball up in?
I like to play in Jordan’s and my favorite Jordan’s to play in would be the Jordan 7 and fashion wise I would throw the Jordan 3’s on my favorite would be the True Blue.
What Artist song’s are in the rotation in your Ipod?
I listen to J.Cole and Wale and about 30 minutes before a game I listen to Jay-Z to get my mind right.
What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you going into your senior year on or off the court?
Being consistent and also having more confidence in myself I heard that a lot this this season that I wasn’t confident so that will be what separates me from a good season and a bad season my confidence.