Are the Celts good enough?

By By Travis H. Singleton, BASN sports writer
Updated: March 11, 2012
Boston needs Big 3 to step up...

Boston needs Big 3 to step up...

BOSTON, MA.—-The Celtics were brought back to earth last night with their lose to the Sixers 103-71 and the Celtics aren’t to blame in my opinion it will be blamed on the #Lockout Legs. The Sixers came out more aggressive and also more determined because, from the start of the game their crowd was pumped up for this Atlantic Division showdown.

The Celtics had a five game winning streak playing Cleveland, Milwaukee,New Jersey,New York and Houston and showed that this team has the toughness to still compete but , with the trade deadline lingering around the Celtics should think about trying to add another big man to the mix to help them on the rebounds especially one with youthful legs.

Celtics defense has been getting better since the All-Star break but, are still missing that interior bully that will fight for you like a Charles Oakley. Paul Pierce has stepped his game up and so has Rondo since the break putting up crazy numbers. Rondo against the Knicks on Sunday had the stat sheet stuffer of 20 assists,17 rebounds, and 18 points with those numbers he was only second to Wilt Chamberlin for second best triple double and the Celtics wanted to trade him this off season.

Rondo plays his game but he is also a player that plays with motivation if he has a big opponent expect Rondo to go off and prove the trade rumors wrong. Sometime I think the trade talk does get to Rondo’s game play and games like what he did against the Knicks I’m like they don’t but one thing I can say is that the Celtics have one of the best point guards in the league right now and they shouldn’t even think of getting rid of him unless you get a great franchise player in return.

This season could very well be the end of the “Big Three” era with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett’s contracts being up even though I know that they would love to still play in Boston I highly doubt that will still happen because, Danny Ainge is in a position where he needs to try to either stay loyal or start over.

Personally I think the Celtics can resign Allen and Garnett and still make an impact they would have to get some more youthful role players to come and do their job off the bench.

One person that comes to mind is J.R Smith I was hoping that the Celtics would of went after him before he went to NY because, he would bring instant offense to our teams second unit but things didn’t work out how I planned. The Celtics have the talent they are just a couple young legs away from being back at the top of the eastern conference mountain and with the Sixers running all over them last night it was obvious because, the Celtics shot 35% from the field and also were out rebounded by 19 that’s not acceptable especially with the spoiled Boston fans.

The Celtics will take on the Blazers on Friday night and if they are going to survive that battle they will need to out rebound them because with La Marcus Aldridge in town you know he is going to crash boards and challenge your big men. The Celtics have potential to make it deep in the post season every year with the “Big Three” because, they are fighters but if the Celtics want to continue those post season fights they have to get young and I mean quick.

Rondo and Pierce have been taking charge of the teams scoring and being aggressive duties but, the team goes as much as Rondo goes meaning if Rondo is on and passing the ball and doing his behind the back fakes then this Celtics team is unstoppable but if he turns into a jump shooter then we get in trouble.

The Celtics will have a big weekend and they need to win Friday and Sunday against the Lakers in order to be taken serious because, one big game against the Lakers could be the turning point of the short season.