The Most Hated Athletes in 2011-12

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 14, 2012

Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter

Michael Vick, according to Forbes Magazine is the most hated athlete on the planet...

Michael Vick, according to Forbes Magazine is the most hated athlete on the planet...

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN)-–As hip hop singer Ashanti and Rapper Ja Rule state in her 2nd album talking to each other about their relationship, “Man, we got to talk…, here we go again …, Yea, what you want to talk about …, We got to talk about us and how you’ve changed you are not the same anymore…, Oh really well you changed too, the women I got with ain’t the same women staring at me in my face“.



Well ladies and gentlemen American sports media has marginally changed. Articles that have racial overtones continue to be constructed on the internet and newspapers. It sells papers, gets attention, and garners money. The majority of white male writers continue to promote negative press about prominate African American athletes oblivious about the consequences.



The Media has not changed at all and may have become worse. As they throw their racial political agenda at Black professional athletes.



A list of the most hated athletes appear a few weeks after every Super Bowl. This article appears in Black History Month which also should be questioned. So what is the point?



Could it be these (writers) are bored to death and wanted to create more controversy, create more dirt, and nastiness in the sports world.


If Black Athlete Sports Network wrote an article titled The Most Hated Athlete in America, with white athletes at the top of that list, it would create chaos. There would be massive grilling with questions and a line of lawyers dragging BASN or any Black writer into court.



Forbes Magazine, Yahoo, and Fox Sports could not wait this year to start the new controversy. The list was published Feb 8, 2012. Doug Farrar wrote the annual Most Hated Professional Athlete with Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles standing at the top of the list. America still can’t forgive or forget. Vick served his time (2 years) in prison and played well for the Eagles.



The once loved first round 2010 draft choice Detroit linebacker Ndamukong Suh made the list quickly after he put his cleats into a white Green Bay Packer offense linemen’s arm on Thanksgiving Day 2011. This moment demonstrated how quickly one bad incident changed the hearts and minds of the American people, with alittle extra prodding by the predominantly white press corp.



Notice this year seven of ten on the list are African American males, an increase of one from last year. There are only one Latino male and two white males on the list which is a decrease.



Looking at this list, one would come to the conclusion that dog fighting triumphs child abuse.. Most Americans love dogs, but it is still an animal. Maybe children are just a bit more important.



A individuial like the University of Penn. State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky who can allegedly tormented children for his pleasure and receive no hate just sympathy from the American public. Mr. Sandusky should be at the head of the most hated man list in sports but as my friend Cowboy Reggie Howell from WCLM 1450 Richmond, Virginia states, many times, “I digress”.



Let’s not forget the ten year reign of terror executed at Syracuse University with ex basketball assistant coach Mr. Bernie Find. Find escaped persecution because the statue of limitations had expired. He should be number two on this list. But again who is compiling the list?



But please don’t let the facts get in the way of an ongoing saga of trashing Black males in America. At least one of these fine African American men should sue Forbes Magazine, ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and Fox Sports for slander, defamation of character, and Civil Rights violation. How about a fine of one hundred million dollars?, That should stop them from writing nonsense like this. This list is cold, calculated, and racist.

Question is what happened to football players and sexual deviants Brett Favre( Green Bay), and Ben Roethlisburger(Pitts. Steelers). Baseball cheats Mark McGwire(St. Louis), Roger Clemmons(New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox), Rafael Palmaro(Texas Rangers), and Sammy Sosa(Chicago Cubs)? They are not included in this now famous list. How about football owners Al Davis and Jerry Jones? What, do they get a pass? These writers are stating that the issues and times have passed these individuals and the venom has disappeared, REALLY?



If this were true, Terrell Owens should not be on this list because he did not play in 2011-2012. Talk about double standards. These writers do not like Mr. Owens because he stood up for himself. They dislike LaBron James because he chose to relocate from Cleveland to Miami. James as a free agent had the right to do so.


The once unbeatable pro golfer Tiger Woods is on this list because he was sleeping around with other white women while married. Woods was only immulating what other pro golfers had been doing for years.


Mr. Woods became a kitten after he was called out and he has not won a major tournament since. Woods blew up again in the final round of the Pebble Beach Classic this past weekend. Some Americans are very happy because now they have the sport of golf back, so much like the Republicans Party who currently states they want their country back. What does that mean?



New York Jets Plaxico Burris was put on the list for shooting himself in the foot at a New York nightclub. New York City Mayor Bloomberg wanted to make an example of Plaxico and sent him to prison for two years. Others would have received a suspended sentence, detention, and sent home for the same offence.



Owens, Burris, Vick, and James, who are viewed as uppity Negro’s defending themselves and America can never embrace these men because they would become human. Can’t have that because then America would have to treat them as human and respect them.



America continues to hold a grudge against Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant because of his sex escapades in Eagle, Colorado eleven years ago. It unfortunate that his wife left him at the beginning of this basketball season after another report of infidelity. Mr. Bryant just passed Shaquille O’Neal on the NBA all scoring list this past week. Bryant has won five world championships, but that does not matter when your vilifing Black athletes.



The only reason why New York Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez is on this list is because he is a New York Yankee and is perceived as an underachiever on the field. Just look up Mr. Rodriguez stats, they will prove otherwise, but again do not let the facts get in the way of a good story. Alex is one of the highest paid players in baseball. Could these writers be jealous that they do not earn that kind of salary for their desk jockey jobs? Hmmmmmm


As for New Jersey Nets basketball player Humphries, this is one of the silliest points of this list. The simple act of marrying one of the most beautiful women in the United States got him in trouble. Kim Kardashian, the Middle Eastern Bombshell and Humphries went on a MTV television show, broadcasting their relationship that in reality was a sham. The backlash was quick and the show dumped.


They are currently going through a nasty public divorce.


Talk about non issues, this was it. Don’t we all have better things to do then discus somebody’s martial status?



The more things change the more they remain the same. When will this cease? When will African Americans take Forbes Magazine, ESPN, Fox Sports, and Yahoo Sports to task and ask them what is the real purpose of this list?


1.Michael Vick

2.Ndamukong Shu

3.Plaxico Burris

4.Tiger Woods

5. Kobe Bryant

6.LaBron James

7.Terrell Owens

8.Kurt Bush

9.Kris Humphries

10.Alex Rodriguez


Is it white privilege that allow these writers are allowed to write this kind of dribble year after year without repriasals or protest? Most of these writers have never played a down of NFL football, an inning of MLB baseball, a quarter of NBA basketball, or a period of NHL hockey.



Maybe it is time for change. Maybe Forbes Magazine, Fox Sports, ESPN, and Yahoo Sports should pay for this uncaring writing.



Or maybe a similar list of promenade white male athletes

would put a halt to this nonsense.


1 Jerry Sandusky

2. Jerry Find

3. Kurt Bush

4. Brett Favre

5. Ben Roethlisburger

6. Tim Tebow 7. Tom Brady

8. Mark McGwire

9. Roger Clemmons

10. Ryan Braun


Maybe not!!!



The American Media would not like this list, so imagine how African Americans feel about this bogus list that comes out annually disrespecting hard working professional Black Athletes.



It is time for a change!!!!

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