Janoris Jenkins Should be Banned & Barred From The NFL

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: February 29, 2012

DENVER, CO. (BASN)—In a nation of mildly enlighten people like ourselves, where image is, tragically damn-near everything, Symbolic value carries a great deal of weight; Mitt Romney represents the disconnected elitism of America’s aristocrats, Obama, represents the culmination of an generation which were told they were Young, gifted n’ Black, Black is beautiful and that Black folks ought to seek . . . Black Power The NFL produces our societies “Alpha Males, like North Alabama’s Defensive back Janious Jenkins and Heisman Trophy winning Signal Caller out of Baylor, Robert Griffin III – one is destined to attain great heights on the gridiron, and the other appears destined to end up either dead, in jail or greeting folks at Wal-Mart. That’s quite a fall for a man who has the skills n’ tools to one gay be dipped in “Canton Bronze.” Tragically, and I hate to say this, the best thing which could happen to about what, 10 million little Black boys? Jenkins being rejected by the NFL for his reckless, careless, destructive behavior . . . . When push comes to shove . . . his being banned, bred, branded, it’s the greater good. Sure, the obvious argument; it would cost this . . . . man, and I use that word with reservation, millions upon millions of dollars and deny him and his – 4 babies/3 babies mommas, and of course his posse, a lifestyle he’s due. Nevertheless I’d counter; rejecting him on “character issues,” the example he would set might be equivalent to the classic 1970’s “Scared Straight.” He could influence the decisions of thousands, tens-of-thousands young Black boys, and girls, not to engage in reckless, careless, unplanned baby-making. I’m not preaching abstinence, I’m talking putting a helmet on that soldier, taking a pill once a month . . . the simple stuff millions of us seem to be able to manage doing. Jenkins is a baby makin’ machine, a biological father but never a daddy; Black America needs daddies, not sperm donors seeking only their lockerroom manhood. Did I mention he also has a reckless/careless luv affair with Mary Jane, which, no is not great enough to jeopardized his NFL career, but it will cost him upfront moo-lah, and it speaks Encyclopedia Britannic Volumes about his judgement, his analytical skills, or lack there of, but unlike the NFL scouting reports which almost overlook his mass production of babies, and leave their character concerns to weed smokin’ and brawling – I’m a tad more concerned with the fate of the Black American Empire, than I am the NFL . . . . As much as I want to see RGIII soar, I want to see this rooster not allowed to fly, keep his tail-feathers on the ground as an example to all. No Character – No glitter nor gleam, no fame n’ fortune for Jenkins. Now despite Jason Whitlock, that 403 pound White man’s Negro now over on FOX Sports babbling about RGIII’s supersonic speed, in the long-run, hurting his aerial growth – (ain’t that a big-ass bitch?) He’s doing the dirty-work of writers at FOX Sports, Bleacherreport and the other semi-exclusive bastions of White guy opinions. This kid has all the tools to silence the Rednecks across the land who believe, like their grandfathers did a few decades ago that Black men aren’t able to lead an air attack. ‘The Obese One” is but a very large mouthpiece for those who despise Black pilots, Presidents and Quarterbacks. I believe his over-the-kitchen-top-table weight problem reflects a distinct case of self-respect . . . or lack there-of. His disrespect for himself, physically, health wise, reflects his low self- exstem, lack-of-control, questionable decision-making ability – the combo of all this allows him to be pimped, used by folks who still believe – Black men are created without, void-of the skills to grasp complex NFL offenses, lead grown men, read deft NFL defenses nor manage play-clocks. I’m only charging $99.99 for an hour on my couch . . . . So regardless of what this rotund puppet says, Griffin has the tools to change the landscape of Black America, make it, once again, like in the Black America of the 1950’s – cool to be smart, intelligent, intellectually curious, armed with a vocabulary which likens him to a professor as opposed to a wangster/gangster/tankster/prankster/rapper/pimpster . . . . Thank the Gods I’ve yet to hear RG talk about entertaining people and puttin on a show, or havin’ fun – he’s no TO or Ocho-Cinco, translation, RGIII is no Bozo, no Step-en fetch-it, not desiring to shake-his-ass for all the White folks watching the “minstrel show.” What do you bet TO can’t define “Minstrel”? RGIII, believe it or not is, for a large slice of White America the nightmare they’ve been fearing since 1954 . . . a enlightened Black man, an alpha-male, raised by two strong Black folks, not aristocrats but Army Sargents. People from all walks of life can imagine what you get when you cross GI Jane with Gunny Highway and dipped in chocolate Buffalo Soldiers; you get a determined , driven, classy son who does not know his place and will allow no man to prescribe it for him. Damn . . . go head with your bad-ass self . . . “They call me M-i-s-t-e-r Griffin, the III!” Mr. Griffin . . . the Third well understands how he’s already being depicted by today’s press; sportswriters are reluctantly admitting he’s as good as the Oliver Luck’s boy, the already anointed one, Lucky Andy Boy. The press is begrudgingly confessing Griff’ is a pass first QB, posting a jaw-dropping 72% completion rate. While predictably they’re already trying to downplay his obvious intelligence by likening him to . . . President Obama, who many White guys seem to blindly hate – saying both are flash-in-the-pan slick talkers, clever n’ crafty. Those are slights and put-downs my friend. The treatment of this kid by the sportspress will be an Texas text book example of denial and racism. Let’s walk n’ talk, take our minds beyond the trees; I’d submit 300 years of bondage, the dehumanization process that it was, which attempted to strip away Black folk’s civility and the 5th class citizenship status we’d have to endure, yes, of course, it’s all, in its “totality” taken an obvious toll on my people. I’d argue that’s why 70% of the young Black men who get in front of sports cameras and microphones sound like 1927 share-croppers from Dothan Alabama, yet they grew up in Seattle or Portland, their mommas n’ Daddies grew up their too, yet they’ve mastered the language no better than Jethro Bodean, Chicken George or Ricky Bobby. Hell I understand Nigerians and Ethiopians straight off the boat better then I do some Black folks from . . . Cincinnati or Topeka – there’s simply no excuse for the lack of vital communication skills needed to navigate the racist, hostile waters of America. Horrifically, such a gifted man-cub as RGIII is somewhat of an rarity on the sports scene simply because of the critical condition of Black America, our current stage of internal self-destruction we’re waging upon ourselves; between babies having babies having babies, and the nationwide devaluation of a formal education – it being dismissed as the “white mans ways,” and the nightly Blood on Brother dead body count . . . all has had an devastating impact on Black America over the last quarter century. Janoris Jenkins is a posterboy for Black men who thinks like a boy, who seemingly have not merely accepted but adopted and embraced the low expectations a racist, elitist society like the us has laid out for him – I’m willing to sacrifice his dreams to save . . . millions.