By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: February 9, 2012

1. What happens when you curse on T.V.?

If you curse on live T.V., the producer of the show puts soap in your mouth. Just ask Shaq?

2. Tebow or Von Miller?

Von Miller

3. Did you see Chad OchoCinco in the Super Bowl?

Yes, I thought I saw him dancing with Madonna during the half-time show.

4. Do you still watch Atlanta Housewives?

Yes, I still watch Atlanta Housewives. But I think, they should change the name of the show to Atlanta House-husbands. Because, all the husbands do is fight. “Back down boy!!” “

5. Did you see rapper M.I.A. give the Super Bowl audience the middle finger?

Who is M.I.A.?

6. Have you found a new job yet?

Nope, I put my resume’ on and the monster ate it.

7. Should the Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid be fired?

No, Andy Reid shouldn’t be fired. Andy Reid just needs to lose some weight.

8. What is the craziest thing you have seen in the NBA this season?

The craziest thing I saw was Los Angeles Lakers’ Ron Artest holding back Lakers’ new head coach Mike Brown from running on the court after getting a technical foul. I guess Ron Artest is truly living up to his new name “Metta World Peace”

9. Do you like Barbara Walters?

No, I don’t like Barbara Walters. Matter of fact, I think Barbara Walters is a double Mossad agent. Because, everywhere she goes, trouble follows.

10. Is Eli Manning an elite quarterback?

I think you should ask Tiki Barber that question…