Dallas Wins a Big One

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: February 20, 2012
Future rising...

Future rising...

IOWA CITY, IOWA (BASN)—Shawn Estrada come into the ring over weight against Terrace Wood and despite this abundance of weigh, he attacked Woods in the first round. Estrada did not look effectual in the opening rounds with his attacks but then he was fighting an inferior opponent. This showed up in the final thirty seconds when an Estrada right hand nailed Terrace Woods that sent Woods reeling into the ropes. Woods covered up for fifteens seconds while Estrada nailed him with combinations including an upper cut and right hand to the head. Woods attempted to tie Estrada but Estrada used his strength to avoid the hold and continued the deluge of punches.
Woods attempted to box and get Estrada into the later rounds since it was evident that Estrada was not in the best of shape but over the first four rounds, it was Estrada who pushed the action and landed the harder punches.
In the fifth round, Estrada put the pressure Woods throughout as he stayed on the inside and pounded Wood’s body. In the sixth round, Woods tried to box and even attacked in the opening minute but an uppercut stopped Woods in his place. Estrada jabbed and used his jab to set up with solid right hands and left hooks as Woods ended the round trapped in his corner.
Estrada continued to pummel Woods with solid rights that pushed Woods and Woods had very little opportunity to counter back as he spent most the round with his hands up and defending against the wave of the punches coming his way.
Woods came out for the eighth round with a swollen right eye and Estrada simply continued to pound Woods. Woods showed courage in taking a beating but he simply took too many of Estrada big punches. Estrada won the easy decision but his weight problem showed a potential for problems as he came in this fight over the original contracted weight and while he looked recovered from his knee injuries, only redoing the contract allowed this fight to continue. Estrada pounded an inferior opponent but the real question is whether this helped him to improve.
The main event featured the slick boxing Mike Dallas versus the harder punching Miguel Gonzalez in a crossroad fight for both fighters. The first round saw Dallas boxing with his greater hands’ speed whereas Gonzalez proved tentative. A head clash in the second round resulted with gash over Dallas left eye but it did not stop Dallas from being aggressive and maintained his pace despite the blood flowing from his eyes.
Both fighters took this fight on three week notice and Gonzalez was recovering from hands injuries so the question was, which fighter was in better shape. Dallas continued his aggressive style and nailed Gonzalez with solid right hands in the second round and Gonzalez managed to connect on a right hand hook from his southpaw stance but he slipped after throwing his hooks.
Dallas nailed Gonzalez with two upper cuts that hit below the belt in the fourth round and Gonzalez got a few minutes of rest as his groin recovered. The referee warned Dallas that one more low blow and there will be a point deduction and this lead Teddy Atlas to quipped, “Maybe Gonzalez best chance for victory is hope for point deductions.”
With two minute left in the fifth round, Dallas nailed Gonzalez with a body shot that stopped Gonzalez in his track for a brief second nor did it help that Gonzalez seemed reluctant to throw his injured left hand, leaving one to wonder why did his team allow him to take this fight if he wasn’t hundred percent.
Going into the seventh round, Dallas looked like he was cruising to an easy decision as he moved in and out while controlling the pace. Gonzalez continued his tentative style while being raked by Dallas body shots and quick right hands to his face.
Going into the last round, Dallas continued his aggressive style but Gonzalez managed to connect on some lead lefts but down the stretch, it was Dallas how took hold of the round and allowing Mike Dallas to win a unanimous decision and break a two fight losing streak.
Puerto Rico Prospects Scores
Jonathon Gonzalez began his bout with Billy Lyell by going to the body and this would be a good test for the Puerto Rican fighter since Lyell had fought over 200 rounds. Both men connected on some big shots over the first round as Lyell nailed Gonzalez with solid left hooks and solid rights. Gonzalez found himself in a shootout but he had to feel good since he came in the fight with the bigger punch.
Lyell jabbed and fought an aggressive style as he connected with solid combinations but Gonzalez picked up the pace in the second round as he found an occasional home for his left hooks along with some solid right hands.
Gonzalez continued with solid body works in the third round and while Lyell connected with solid shots, Gonzalez got the better of the exchanges. Lyell continued to plug away in the fourth round but Gonzalez gave the impression this was fun, even when he got hit, he smiled. Lyell showed that he was there to win and not just be an opponent as he fought better in the fourth as opposed the previous two rounds.
Gonzalez slowed the pace in the fifth round and Lyell took the advantage of Gonzalez movement as he started to go after the younger prospect. When Gonzalez pushed Lyell back, he was at his best but when he moved, he allowed Lyell to move forward and score.
In a close sixth round, both men nailed with each other solid shots but Lyell nailed Gonzalez with a solid right that staggered the Puerto Rico over the final thirty seconds in a round that Gonzalez threw nearly 100 punches.
By the end of the eighth round, Lyell showed signed for fatigue for the first time as he had his hands down for the part of the round and started to wait as oppose to reacting as he did in the previous rounds. Gonzalez continued to pursue his prey throughout the round but at the end of round, Lyell nailed Gonzalez with a solid right.
Going into the last round, both fighters viewed this fight as close and while Gonzalez threw more punches in the bout, there were rounds that were close as both fighters nailed each other with shots and there were rounds in which Lyell threw his best shots at the end of rounds, which are the punches most remembered by the judges.
Gonzalez opened the round with a solid right but Lyell countered Gonzalez with a solid left hook in the opening minute. Going down the stretch, both fighters battled down the final bell with Lyell able to connect on left hooks but Gonzalez managed to hit Lyell with a solid right and like many of the rounds, it was close round.
Gonzalez won the fight 97-93, 97-93, 98-92 and while Gonzalez record will show an easy unanimous win but each round was competitive, so it was one of those unanimous decisions in which could have been scored closer but Gonzalez was the busier fighter and his punches were the heavier punches.
Aris Amriz challenged prospect Thomas Dulorme and Dulorme started out fast as Amriz jab failed to connect. Thomas Dulorme threw a right followed by monsterous double left hook sent Amriz down. Amriz staggered back up but with a minute left in the round, Dulorme went after his opponent. Dulorme snapped a right hand that twist Amriz around and then Dulorme followed with a left hook and another right hand that sent Amriz down a second time and the referee did not bother to count as Amriz looked hurt as he hit the canvas.
Dulorme won his 14 fight with no defeats and this was his eleventh knockout. He showed that he has a monster left hook that explodes when it hits his target. As for Gonzalez, he showed that he could box and he was not just a slugger but a fighter who could be flexible in the ring. He fought a tough opponent and won unanimous decisions. Both fighters showed that Puerto Rico may have some excellent fighters and possible titleholders to follow up in the tradition of Felix Trinidad and Miguel Cotto.