Celtics Beatdown

By Tonya Raymond BASN staff writer
Updated: February 14, 2012

TORONTO, CA. (BASN)–It was a great day if you were a Raptors fan but if you were rooting for the Celtics you were hanging you head in shame after the Toronto Raptors steam-rolled over the Boston Celtics 86-74.

Not only was it a cold Friday night in Toronto but it turned out to be a cold night for the Celtics.

Boston could not buy a basket, rebound or defend.

Just how bad you ask?

Coach Doc Rivers burned two times timeouts, seven seconds apart.

“I was really frustrated with our excuse; I mean we couldn’t even run a play out of a time out. So that’s just frustrating.”

The Raptors seemed to capitalize on the Celtics turnovers. James Johnson had some hang time with multiple dunks in the game and finished with 14 points.

Toronto simply had this game won in the first quarter as they led by as many as 16 points. It was a great team effort but nothing would beat the performance by Linas Kleiza, who made it that much more entertaining, when he nailed 3 triples in the final quarter.

The Celtics were no where to be found in the ACC. Maybe it was the devastating loss against the Lakers the night before. Or the lack of arriving in to Toronto at 3:30 am.

It had to be that right?

How else would you explain a Kevin Garnett pass to an out-of-bounds Avery Bradley?


” We were awful,” said Coach Rivers.

Now in all fairness, the Celtics did attempt a comeback, however when you are down the entire game it is almost impossible to overcome.

“We just didn’t come out with energy with a game like this….we just didn’t make the second effort,” said team captain, Paul Pierce who finished the game with 12 points.