Boxing observations on last Saturday

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: February 22, 2012
Malik Scott

Malik Scott

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)Showtime showed some imagination by making a big event of their championship bout by treating it like a PPV including the preliminaries. On Showtime extreme, the undercards were shown in their entirety and fans were able to catch two heavyweights trying to make a name for themselves. Normally when HBO or Showtime shows a championship bout, we see the main events but Showtime went extreme as they would say.
For fans who saw the preliminaries, they saw the continuing comeback of Chris Arreola as he demolished Eric Molina in one round. Arreola is starting to look like the fighters that fans saw a few years back as he is now taking his training seriously. For the past few years, Arreola career started to swerve as he failed to put in the time needed to become the super star that many fans were hoping. Two big time losses and it wasn’t long, Chris Arreola was no longer a headliner but back to being a preliminary fighter and in danger of becoming nothing more than opponent. Now he has put in renew dedication, kept his weight down and shown improvement in his skills and the doors that were starting to shut down are now back open.
In a another heavyweight bout saw Malik Scott consistently beat Kendrick Releford to the punch as he won an easy decision. For past few years, injuries have kept Mali Scott out of the mix but the 6’4″ heavyweight showed some speed and technical skills in easily outpointing Releford. Scott looked like a fighter who might just become a contender.
As for two main events, I have the following observation. Tarvoris Cloud got lucky since two of the officials were totally inexperience in judging championship fights and Cloud got the benefit from those judges. As for Cloud himself, he certainly lost the fight to Gabriel Campillo, who showed excellent boxing skills throughout the bout. Cloud proved to be one dimensional as he attempted to knock out Campillo with one monster shot after another, only to get countered effectively.

After a rough first round in which Camillo hit the canvas twice, the Spaniard showed Cloud some boxing tricks as he moved in and out while throwing combinations from different angles and never allowing Cloud to set up his money punch, the left hook.

Campillo did everything but fill out the judges card to win and he should have help the judges with the scoring. This is Campillo second close lost by decision and with another controversial decision ending in a draw. The Texas Commission needs to take the two judges to scoring schools, for they robbed a good fighter of an important victory. As for Cloud, he showed that he needed some more schooling if he is going to take on better fighters or big name fighters.
Paul Williams showed himself to be the Paul Williams of old as he out punched and occasionally out slugged Nobuniro Ishida throughout the twelve round fight. The question is whether this fight will propel him to either a rematch with Sergio Martinez or fight with one of the young guns of the junior Middleweight division. Williams looked impressively except he failed to stop his opponent. The question on Williams is what he has left as he has been in enough wars and despite getting older, he has not changed his hard driving style. Ishida connected on solid punches but with only 9 knockouts in 24 wins, he is not what we would call a big puncher. Williams has always believed that the best defense is an attacking offense but Williams is often the taller fighter in the divisions he fights in but he has never used his reach and height to its utmost advantages. How long of a career will he has with his style of aggressive hit and be hit is the question that Williams and his team need to ask.
Vitali Klitschko showed once again that the heavyweight division is the property of the Klitschko’s brothers as he won an easy decision over Dereck Chisora. While many observers noted that this was Vitali toughest fight, it showed that on a mediocre day for the Klitschko brothers, they are still head and shoulder of the rest. And there is very little out there to scare the Klitschko’s brothers. The only thing working against the Klitschko’s brother is age as Vitali is now 40 and his younger brother is closer to 40 than to 30.