Blacklisted; Ocho Cinco, TO, Randy Moss

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: February 10, 2012

Randy Moss

Randy Moss

DENVER, CO. (BASN)–Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Chad Ocho Cinco . . . Blacklisted. Reports of their individual demise . . . greatly, deliberately exaggerated and inflated to inflict damage.

Dick Tracy nor Einstein I’m not, nonetheless . . . it doesn’t take a an overly bright guy to understand the silencing of these three ebony alpha-males this now just passed NFL season had a great deal to do with White guys – from the owners and aristocrat fat-cats up in the coliseum penthouses to the rank n’ file Redneck fans, and even a great deal of the current White coaches and players all of whom wanted to see who they view as uppity, arrogant, loud mouthed buffoons put in their place. Can we be honest about that? In the same manner we saw Peyton Hillis and Tim Tebow given high accolades they were unworthy of – simply because there White men, in ball handling positions who were touted to have what most White cats don’t . . . athletic ability and the intestinal fortitude to be a gladiator in a league predominated and dominated by Black dudes. It’s a guy thing. It’s also an about chicks thing also, but we’ll come to that. I’d guess you could call it damn luck, happenstance or coincidental that these three men, who if you listen to any sports talk or read the message boards on the major sports media websites – you well understand how much these 3 were despised by the everyday White guy. To add insult to injury, TO and Ocho Cinco appeared to be gravitating into the crossover sports-star/sex symbol position which is suppose to be reserved for Joe Namath or Tom Brady – this does little but aggravate White folks who see the NFL and TV as large swaths of the cultural battlefield, where they see the rise, popularity and success of these Black Thugs as an insult and assault on the whole Peyton n’ Eli Manning “All-American” version of what the game of football should be. Whatever challenges Ocho Cinco has had in Bean Town – one thing seems clear – both the press and angry White male fans wanted to depict the entire affair as “the dumb nigger couldn’t pick-up the system” and as you witness anytime a Black man stumbles he is depicted as “humbled” . . . there’s just a ‘gut instinct” within the fiber of White Americans which compels them to revel in any Black persons misfortune. It seems we’ve all just seen White folks spend a few hundred years trying to punk, intimidate, manipulate, exploit and control Black people . . . by any and all means they so-deemed necessary , and as I’ve told my son a million times, they haven’t done all the devilish crap to us because Blacks are inferior, no they’ve been this diabolical based on they feel Blacks are that superior and they must do all they can do to insure we stay in our destructive sleep walking state of survival. The greatest threat to “Conservative White America” is a Black person who understands the hypocrisy and duplicitous nature of the “reality” they seek. Have the angry, paranoid, jealous, envious White male dominate sports writers across this racially polarized landscape tell-it, all three are done. I’d argue Moss is done because of his disposition, he wants to win, not play, if he can’t be in a position to win it all, then he does not wish to perform . . . despite the millions he walks away from. Now for the other two; both still have plenty of game left in them, but White guys are so rubbed the wrong way by these two they want them blacklisted, silenced, rejected and banished to the back of the bus. In order to send a message, a 3:36 in the AM wake your Black ass up boy – guess who’s running this league?! A question for White sportsfans; do you think most Black folks didn’t well understand the deep yearning to see New England win it all with Gronkowski, Danny Woodhead, Wes Walker and Julian Edlemen . . . on the field in all the ball handling positions . . . like it use to be in 1957, when the game was fixed and Black guys couldn’t play. See that’s what so telling; nobody is stopping White guys from that type of domination but their own physical, emotional and mental limitations. “You have to bring ass to get ass.” Tiger Woods is another case where you’ve got the sports writers of America, along with a number of players and a whole giant slice of the golf fan base who’ve already written Woods off, they couldn’t wait to dismiss him from the conversation. As we speak . . . Tiger’s slappin’ Whitey all over Pebbles Beach.

TO, Ocho, Woods . . . it’s all about “putting Black folks in their proper place . . . .” Mike Vick was said to never be able to play in the NFL, and if he did . . . you could hear the chours, the lily White Mormon Tabernacle Choir relegating him to playing a non-thinking position if he ever returned. Same thing for Plaxico Burress, whose career was said to be over by the . . .Caucasian experts. Apparently most Black folks must be “better” then White folks give us credit for. It seems some set of overtly bias low-expectations play a significant role in the consistent premature dismissal of Black folks . . . starting with us surviving Slavery, Jim Crow, a separate and unequal American landscape and managing to thrive in a nation where, without debate racial hostility, if not hatred lives on.