Andrade wins a big one

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: February 11, 2012

Demetrius Andrade

Demetrius Andrade

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)—Demetrius Andrade has been considered a prospect and possible future champion but boxing pundits viewed many of Andrade early opponents as weak even though he did defeat Grady Brewer last August. So no one really knew how good Andrade really was and there was very little to judge due to the quality of his opponents. Angel Hernandez became the opponent for his Friday night fight after the first two opponents bugged out and with only two day notice, he faced an uphill battle against the very talented Andrade. At the beginning of the fight, referee Steve Smoger looked over to Andrade and his corner and told them to listen to his instruction.

The first round showed the divide between the two warriors as Hernandez wide punches often missed their targets and Andrade own punches connected with ease. Hernandez attack but with little efficacy and Andrade threw his own haymakers in return that hurt Hernandez. Andrade used his jab to set up his quick left hand that often nailed Hernandez head. Hernandez head never seem quite get out of the way of those quick left hands delivered by Andrade.

At the beginning of the second round, Hernandez went on suicidal attack as he went straight into the Andrade’s buzzsaw. Hernandez wild charge simply missed his target and got countered by an Andrade left. That left sent Hernandez down and as referee Steve Smoger counted in Spanish, Hernandez was up by the count of seven. Hernandez moved forward slowly and he threw one more right but he got nailed by an Andrade left. Hernandez took one step back and as he moved away, Andrade threw a perfect body shot that sent Andrade down. Smoger stopped the fight. Andrade did what he was supposed to do, beat an inferior opponent.

In the first bout of the ESPN night, undefeated prospect Raymond Serraro fought Kenny Abril and he began the fight by attacking Abril. Abril played the matador but he often threw one punch and then grabbed Serraro. Serraro attempted to pound Abril, who came into the fight, having lost some twenty five pounds in the previous month of training. Abril appeared into the ring some four pound over the contract weight.

Serraro was the aggressor throughout the bout but many of his punches were wide and this gave Abril openings. In the third round, a round that Serraro was winning, Abril threw a perfect counter that sent Serraro down. With seconds left in the round, Abril could not follow up but he had successes over the next three rounds as he countered the aggressive Serraro. In the sixth round, Abril managed to dominate the final minute of the round and may even won the round due to his effort.

However, Abril went back to his cautious countering style for the final four rounds that he used over the first three rounds until the knock down. Abril did not take advantages of Serraro wide punches and he looked more to survive and never had the confidence in his conditioning to pursue victory. Serraro pressed the action but he never hurt Abril during the bout.

Serraro showed that he has much to learn as he rarely jabbed his way into Abril’s body and he allowed himself to get tangled up with Abril. His punches were often wide and against a more effective counter puncher, he will get clobbered.

As for Andrade, he looked like a contender but against inferior competition, he should have looked like a champion but the time has come for him to move up in competition.