What have we learned about women’s college basketball

By Richard Kent BASN Writer
Updated: January 3, 2012

CONNECTICUT, (BASN) So what have we learned thus far in the women’s basketball season:
1.HOW TO STOP BAYLOR-The only way, if there is a way is to contain Odyssey Sims. Her strength is a valuable weapon on both offense and defense.
2.HOW ABOUT THOSE TEAMS-Texas Tech,Maryland and Kentucky combined only have one loss. Look for Maryland and Kentucky to keep it up during the season. They are all NCAA teams.
3. WHO IS THAT VOTER-There is a voter in the ESPN/USA Coaches Poll who keeps voting UConn no. 1 after their loss to Baylor. Makes no sense.
4. WHO WILL FADE-North Carolina.

Count on it. They do every season and this year have played an absurd OOC schedule. Miami and Louisville are not far behind.

5. WHAT GAME ARE WE LOOKING FORWARD TO-UConn at ND on January 7. They are the two best teams in the Big East and Muffet McGraw knows how to play the Huskies.
6. ENIGMATIC TEAM-Duke, sometimes they look unstoppable, others like at Kentucky very beatable. They should win the ACC.
7. WHO WINS OUT-Baylor, Delaware and Princeton.
8. UPSET CITY-St. John’s over Rutgers, Washington over Arizona and SU over Georgia.