Tim Tebow For President . . . ?

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: January 13, 2012
The Dynamic Dual??

The Dynamic Dual??

DENVER, CO. (BASN)—Tim Tebow for President . . . .!!! I know, I know, I know . . . it sounds far-fetched, absurd, ridiculous even that , a modern- day gladiator, and perhaps even as note-worthy, a Christian Soldier is being mentioned as a shoe-in for the highest office in all the land . . . . Nonetheless as you know – it’s unbelievably believable. Can you say Great White Hope? It might even be more conceivable that in a split-society, a land divided along the lines of color, gender, class and yes religion, a nation as the US is, where the slight majority – the WASP “Right” has solidified, come-together and broken White bread under the banner of simply “Beat the Nigger” – one might find a movement to draft anybody to elevate to the status of “American Icon.” Tebow represents . . . the question is precisely “who n’ what” does he represent? So let me sock-it-to-you . . . ; If Tebow were to run for President of these so-called United States Of America . . . who possibly would this Southern Baptist fundamentalist pick as his running mate? Might it be Sarah Palin, Michelle Bauchmann, Rand Paul? What “conservative” quasi Klan’s-folk is this young man going to politically get into bed with? Here in the Mile-Hi City the Messiah is loved most by those who least-fit the mode of stereotypical pigskin fan; women – mothers and daughters. Followed by self-admitted non-football fans and overtly political people who’ proudly proclaim they’ve never followed football until this breath of fresh air called Tebow blew in. Daily, if not hourly Tebow’s tabbed as the husband/son/son-in law you want your baby-girl to bring home to meet momma n’ poppa. At least a ga-zillion times a day you’ll hear how he’s the lone Captain America playing the game of pro-football who can save America’s national Pastime from the heathens, and how he’s about the only one who’s nothing like the rift-raft gangsters, thugs, hoods and womanizers . . . . which populates and contaminates the once pristine NFL, Once more, thank the Gods I speak Red-neck-lish, otherwise I might not be able to read-between the-lines and decipher all the little coded White Lies . . . . It’s clear a broad-ass brush is being used to “paint n’ taint” the over-whelming Black NFL as nothing more then a collection of heathens and barbarians. But to better define the Tebow Tidal Wave rolling across the country, understand who is attempting to pimp and exploit his gridiron deeds and off-field love affair with Jesus; here in Denver the extreme Conservative (racist/sexist/elitist) voices on AM hate radio have adopted and embraced this kid, they are attempting to dub him the incarnation of “Thor.” He’s being deliberately and strategically branded the most popular and powerful force in American culture. Once more, can you say Great White Hope? Tebow represents a last stand for Angry White people to attach their wagon to. “Tebow’s going to show all those blow-hard . . . Negroes who’s really the alpha-male out there on the field and in real life.” Tebow’s success translates into victories in the battle for who represents “real Americans” and “who” Americans really are. Can you say “Great White Hope?” And these religious fanatics and political extremist make nothing-more than a token effort to camouflage their widely held belief Tebow is a Christian soldier, a proud crusader – and the direct by-product of his popularity is- it’s a major, major victory in the cultural battle for “who” and “what” is American culture. “The sports trinity comprised of the press, fans and the league have chosen to play the role of nothing more then cheer leading Pied Pipers. Callers to the Bronco’s official radio station, news-talk 850 KOA and its sister-station 630 KHOW provide an endless parade of voices mixing-in Tebow’s name with the Neo-Conservative political agenda. He ‘s become the official, certified mascot for “pissed- off” White men. The same folks who’re declaring Obama an communist/socialist militant illegal aliean, and his wife as a bi-polar angry Black women who is anti-American, or defending Rand Pauls’ open-wish to return to the happy days of 1949 apartheid – are the identical people calling-in and anointing Tim Tebow as Mr America.

Tebow’s their boy. Regardless of what anyone wants to fess-up to; sports in America are, in part, nothing more than a battlefield, a “white-hotspot” in the cold war being waged by a large segment of White America against Black people. The midget’s handful of Afro-Americans who are permitted to perform in the Talk Radio tent in Denver, such as ex CU Buffalo and Denver Bronco Alfred Williams well understands he can’t utter the truth, he’s caught hell just for raising an eyebrow about this whole Tebow “luv affair.”

Alfred can’t say what the brother’s down at the barbershop are saying every Saturday morning. No, instead he must never speak truth to misplaced arrogant power. He can never explain how Tebow’s a Bible-toting Great White Hope who’s been hoisted-up upon a pedestal by White folks who are deliriously desirous of a White guy to be the face of the NFL and the poster-boy for what is “sports” in America.

If he does the Black Eye Pea franchise Owners will drop him like a Black man speakin’ out of line, against the “company line.”

We saw the same meth-pipe yearnings last year with the “White Rhino,” Peyton Hillis, who was just above mediocre last year while this year he’s been as terrorizing as a stuffed White Rhino in a Cleveland musuem.

Tebow-itis is far-worse.

Let’s talk square-biz; from the day The President and First Lady pulled the gangster white-walled, diamond- in-the-back, sunroof-topped 1973 baby-blue Lincoln Continental in The White House drive-way, commenced-to puttin’ up basketball hoops in the back yard, started frying chickens . . . because that’s what the “real Americans” saw – White America became volcanic and began to erupt, imploding, exploding, whining, bitchin’ cryin like Chicken Little.

A Black man’s in the White House, or in the house next door – the sky must be fallin’. The war-cry of this admitted White Backlash? “The Jungle Bunny has got to go. We want our country back!” The Ron Paul Libertarian Far Side, both divisions of rank n’ file Rednecks – the trailer park brigades and the Up-Town Tight-Assed Aristocrats along with rural Farmer McDonald folk and Mitch Romney’s Wall street Blue-Bloods have a common foe – the witch-doctor and his wife, an escapee from Planet of the Apes . . . . Yes, the hate is so-great that the First Lady is forever being depicted as an ape “going ape.”

It’s time to put this candle out. Can we all agree the GOP Primary race is nothing more than a beauty-king contest for a Great White Hope to defeat Obama. While this entire elevation of Tim Tebow to mythical Super Whiteman heights – nothing more than a high point in the non-stop search for an Great White Hope. And they’ve found one in the form of this Christian soldier. The eternal quest for a “Great White Father” to lead this nation back to yesteryear, and this bro-mance with Tebow is little more then the frustrated American exhibiting, the signs of the racism which is right-beneath the surface of US society. All the man -luv we can smell in the air (think Brut or Right Guard) is nauseating.