By Eric Graham BASN Columnist
Updated: January 18, 2012

The Best trade that wasn't made..

The Best trade that wasn't made..

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — These are the Best of the Best for 2011.

Congratulations. You are one of the best.

1. The Boldest Broadcaster:

HBO’s Real Sports, Brian Gumbel. Gumbel put on his Black Power fist glove and threw a punch at NBA Commissioner David Stern, when he called the commissioner “a modern day plantation overseer.” Sometimes, the truth hurts. But somebody, has to be bold enough to tell it.

2. Best Speech Given by a Sports Commentator

Shannon Sharpe. We love to see and hear him bumble and stumble while doing highlights on CBS, but his Hall Fame Induction Speech was simply awesome. If you haven’t seen it, YouTube It. I guarantee, you’ll be clapping in the end. Great job Shannon.

3. Best Female Sports Reporter

Jemele Hill…. She is simply the best. She’s pretty, intelligent plus she knows sports. Now, that sounds like a woman, I would marry. Sorry, Kim Kardishian, the wedding has been canceled.

4. Best Play-by-Play Announcer

GUS Johnson. This dude could make a spelling Bee “EXCITING!” Plus, he is a Howard University graduate. March Madness will miss your voice.

5. Voice of College Basketball

Dick Vitale….He is a little older and a lot balder but he still brings excitement to college basketball. Dicky, you still are a DIAPER DANDY!! BABY!!!

6. Most Compelling Sports Columnist

Desi Cortez. This guy is a true wordsmith. Every article he writes “hits home” and causes people to get upset.

7. Hippest Sports Broadcaster

Stephen A. Smith. He is the “hippest-trip” in America. This year, however, he really was “tripping,” especially when debating with Skip Bayless. As a result, Stephen A., take my little advice. Stay serious and slay your opponents. Because when you start clowning, “You are so disrespectful!!”

8. Funniest Segment on a Sports Program

Michael Irvin of the NFL Network. “All I can say is, if you want to ride, don’t ride the white horse.” LMAO

9. Sports Commentator Most Likely to be a Head Coach

Kenny Smith. He is brilliant. And the New York Knicks, need him.

10. Most Courageous Sports Host

Stuart Scott. This brother survived cancer. And for that, he is my hero.

11. Best New Sports Show:

The Huddle on the NFL Network. This show is classic barber shop conversation without the barbers.Great TV.

12. Most Anticipated Sports Commentator

Shaquielle O’Neal. All summer, people have been waiting to see the Big Shaq Diesel in the Studio with Barkley, Ernie, and Kenny. Unfortunately, Shaq shoots free throws better than he commentates. I am not hating, I am just telling the truth.

13. Best Guests on a Sports Program

The Dan Patrick Show. Patrick puts pressure on the”Mothership” with his colorful interviews and great celebrity guess. And to be honest, this is something ESPN can’t duplicate.

14. Best Host on a Sports Program

Curt Manafree. NFL on Fox. Manafree is a true profressional. He is polite,poised, and polished.

15. Most Memorable Moment in Sports

Rich Eisen of the NFL Network. Every year during the NFL Combine, Eisen runs the 40-yard dash slowly and sluggishly in a suit. Hiliarious.

16. Most Informative Sports Program

Outside the Lines hosted by Bob Ley. This is the best investigative sports show on television. No topic is off-limit. And no subject is too serious to be explored.

17. Best Black Sport Gossip Site

Robert Littal’s

18. Most Hated Sports Reporter

Skip Bayless. Charles Barkley labeled him the “jackass of journalism.” But the hatred for Bayless went to a new level this year, when he unsuccessfully tried to convert the entire sports world to Tebowism.

19. Best Evaluator of Talent

Sir Charles Barkley. Barkley is unquestionably one of the 20 best player ever to play in the NBA. As a result, he knows alot about the game of basketball. Therefore, when he says a dude is sorry, he usually is.

20. Best New Faces on Television

Kordell Stewart and Hugh Douglas. ESPN’s 1st Take got a little better this season with these two ballers. They brought the passion from the locker room to the studio. And for the record, Kordell Stewart is 1,000 times better than Tim Tebow.

21. Smoothest Sports Announcer

Charles Davis. This is the smoothest dude in a suit and tie.

22. Smartest Coach on a Sports Program

Coach Eric Mangini. Honestly, Coach Mangini should be called Man-genius. Because, he knows the X’s and 0’s while the other commentators just play tic-tac-toe. Somebody needs to give this man another coaching job. Seriously….

23. Most Intense Sports Commentator (for the 2nd year in a row)

Chris Carter. This brother is so intense, it’s scary. He, in fact, might be the first commentator to punch Skip Bayless in the face.

24. Best Sports Duo on Television (for the 2nd year in a row)

Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin on the NFL Network’s NFL Game Day Final. These two guys are flashy, fashionable, flamboyant, and a lot of fun. They always give a true depiction of what athletes are really thinking. And Deion Sanders’ top 10 Primetime segment is awesome, especially with music provided by rapper Ice Cube.

25. Best Interview by Sports Broadcaster

Bob Costas. His interview with former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who was allegedly accused of molesting children, was riveting. Not surprisingly, in the end Sandusky sounded guilty as Hell.

26. Best “Black Sports Site”

27. Best Sports Cartoon by Sports Writer

Eric D.Graham, who is the creator of Live from my Toilet: Talking S**#, which appears on the Black Athlete Sports Network. This cartoon is original and funny. Why? Because, you never know what Bobbee Bee is going to say or what people are going to ask him.

28. Best Radio Sports Program

The Batchelor Pad featuring the Three Wise Men (L.A.Batchelor, Tony McClean, and Michael Ingram). Nobody does it better.

29. Double Duty Award

Two checks are better than one. With that said, James Brown is everywhere. He is on CBS Sports and on Inside the NFL on Showtime. It’s the Big Payback. Say It Loud, I am Black and I am Proud. It’s James Brown, Soul brother #1!

30. Best Big-Man in the Booth

Warren Sapp is a big ball of fun. His personality is affectionate but he still is known as “the quarterback killer.”Catch Sapp, breaking down the game of football on the NFL Network and Inside the NFL on Showtime.

31. Best Brother/Sister with a Microphone

Reggie Miller and Cheryl Miller. These two great athletes played the game well and report on it even better. Congratulations!!

32. Best New Sports Analysts

Chris Webber and Jalen Rose. They were members of the Fabulous Fab 5 at the University of Michigan. But now, they are a dymanic duo on television. Why? Because, they speak the language of this generation of players. Cool, Classy and Confident.

33. Best NFL Announcer

Troy Aikman. Troy is terrific. Besides him winning three Super Bowl rings, he always tells you how other teams can defeat the Dallas Cowboys. And for that, I love him. Continue the good work, Troy.

34. Jane Kennedy Award for Reporting

Lisa Salters. She has perfected her craft. Plus, it is always refreshing to see her on the sideline and on court side. Love ya Lisa.

35. Monday Night Football Award.

Mike Tirico. He makes Monday Night Football worth watching.

36. Best Rapper on a Sports Program

Rapper Joe Buden’s is a natural. Great voice. Intelligence. And great camera presence. He should change career paths. Besides, no one’s going by his album.

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Eric D. Graham is the author and alter ego of the infamous BASN character “Bobbee Bee”.An upcoming cartoonist who graduated from Winston-Salem State University, Graham is also a local sportswriter for the Warsaw-Faison Newspapers of North Carolina.