Knicks Schumpert: And a Child Shall Lead Them?

By Jerald Levon Hoover BASN Staff Writer
Updated: January 9, 2012

Iman Schumpert makes things happen

Iman Schumpert makes things happen

NEW YORK, NY (BASN) “It’s amazing how when his named rolled off of Commissioner David Stern’s tongue it was booed lustfully.And now only a few months later he’s lauded as a potential savior.The Knicks selected Iman Schumpert out of Georgia Tech with the 17th pick of last year’s NBA Draft. Its funny how if people don’t recognize a name or the game of a person they immediately go negative in reaction.But the past few draft picks, Renaldo Balkman, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Trevor Ariza are all NBA player’s.


None of the aforementioned players where household names on the college scene, matter of fact, Gallinari wasn’t even a college player as he plied his trade over international waters.But, that is the benefits and rewards of great scouting in finding diamonds in the rough.Schumpert, although it’s incredibly early is proving to be something of a vision to behold.Although he’s 6-foot-5 and about 220 pounds, he’s probably the quickest and definitely the most athletic player on the Knicks squad.


Schump as he is commonly called for is now being thrust into the starting lineup at point guard because veteran Toney Douglas hasn’t learned to run the team properly.The pick and roll which is a major weapon for the Knicks is something of a foreign object to Douglas.And instead of losing Douglas totally confidence wise, Coach Mike D’Antoni is making the switch.


But with Schumpert he has a flare for getting things down.Not known as a great shooter in college, his form for the 3-ball along with his elevation makes for a person that will improve as the days go by.His defense however is major league as he’s already played against some of the quickest and fastest guards in the League and has done things to slow them down.Against John Wall’s Washington Wizards, Schumpert had 5 steals.


Further help will be soon on the way.Veteran and former two-time All-Star Baron Davis will take over the starting point guard duties and allow Douglas to continue to come off the bench and shift Schumpert to the starting off guard spot.That move will be helpful in the way that having those 3 playing fulltime minutes there will always be a ball handler on the floor.Current starting off guard is second year man, Landry Fields who’s ball handling leaves a lot to be desired.