Joe Paterno; A Collection Of Contradictions . . . .

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: January 23, 2012
DENVER,CO.(BASN)–Joe Paterno was, like any of us, little more than a collection of contradictions . . . . Undeniably Paterno did good, that remains clear to both gridiron fans and the casual observer of collegiate football. He has forever transformed young men’s lives, in a positive and constructive way. The riches his winning pigskin program generated built many a university building to educate students. Tragically what also remains clear; his personal complacency placed young boys in harms way, in Jerry Sandusky’s path. Joe’s strategic silence, deliberate in-actions and absolute failure-to-act, to kick his pedophile afflicted coaching pal’s ass and rightfully kick his twisted demented-ass off the staff – has created the more-then a notion hunch Pa’Joe enabled, if not facilitated the molestations, sexual assaults and rapes of countless young man-cubs while constructing his Happy Valley Empire. Financial and football Success . . . without honor. I can’t help but see Paterno’s fall being somehow simiular to Michael Jackson . . . great body of work, but it’s difficult to minimize, rationalize n’ justify either pop culture icon’s faults. People will forever ponder what Paterno really knew of Sanducky’s raping of boys. Did Joe play any role in it? Was Peterno himself a pedophile? Did he have a “relationship’ with Sandusky? What of the missing/dead/murdered DA . . .? What did Paterno know of that incident? The list of “What did Joe know” questions is endless – Penn. State-Gate will be unraveling for years to come. Joe Paterno, like Captain Francesco Schettino of the ill-fated Carnival Cruise-line vessel Costa Concordia and like men before them, placed fame n’ glory above and beyond all-else, as did say a John Isray, the on-board owner of the White Star Liner, the RMS Titanic, one hundred years ago this spring placed a supreme prominence upon speeding through ice felds in search of . . . Success – by any means they deemed necessary and at any, and this is significant, any risk of human life. Lives, dreams, hopes – all cashed-in by some cat, his fat-cat colleagues who all agree – winning, profits, success is all which matters. Full-grown children who can’t grasp the Romper Room fact -“all that which glitters, is not gold.”

To preserve peace and tranquility and prosperity Joe Paterno was more then willing to turn both a blind-eye n’ death-ear to the horrific reality his defensive coordinator liked to kiss young boys, and fondle their penises, coerce/force them to perform oral sex on him . . . , he anally raped boys. Please, let’s get down to both the nitty n’ the gritty of this event, and please let’s do it with the identical gusto we dismantled Michael Vick’s life, as we’ve wittiness the press and the court of public opinion mount-up A large slice of the American pie seemed more then willing to lynch Vick; for daring to be a Black Signal caller in the NFL, and the vehicle they attacked him with was his love of dogs . . . . or rather his devaluing of the lives of dogs, his diabolical pitting of beast against beast, fighting them to the death. Treating Lassie and Rin-tin-tin like their treated in 2 of the four corners of the globe. Forgive me, but Iventure to submit this piece of my mind.; Mike Vick is a better man then Joe Paterno was. Killing dogs, on my Aunt Hazel and Aunt Ophelia’s moral scale just does not equate to ignoring, slighting and thus perhaps allowing the sodomizing of uncountable boys. Vick was lynched for Dogfighting, put to his hopeful death at an early age, and even upon serving his over-the-top-prison time, nonetheless because of his stature in US society Vicks forever-guilty and will never satisfy his dept to . . . dog-kind. While Mr. Paterno was given the benefit-of-the doubt and allowed to die with his dignity because of his stature in US Society – a winning football coach, an old, endearing quite wealthy White man. One killed dogs . . . the other ignored the rapes of young boys by his hand picked staff member. Joe Paterno is being treated in the same fashion as “Big George W.” and Little Dick Cheney – differently, as if their special, as if they’re privileged. While the reality is these two draft-dodging weasels remain regarded by most-of-the free world as mass murderers who conducted a war, sacrificed this nation’s young soldiers and scores of Iraqis in the reckless pursuit of the riches derived from Black Gold, Texas Tea. Paterno, Rush Limabugh, Newt, Gingrich, Mitt Romney – these men, all are card holding wealthy Anglo-Saxon country club members – credentials which deem them, more-or-less “above the laws of mere-mortals.” White, male aristocrats – the American Trinity, which enables one n’ all to remain untouchable. So, at the end of the day, of an life, we can all say a little prayer for Coach Pa’, for his grieving family, but we can all-so acknowledge that his that his feet were made of clay, and that his football feats fall far-short and fail, miserably-so in comparison to the absolute evil he allowed to occur on his watch, while he was the helm of Penn State Football.