By Eric D.Graham
Updated: January 27, 2012

1. Did you hear about the Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd?

Yes. I heard about the alleged stories about Sam Hurd. I guess, he was trying to be the real Cocaine Cowboy.

2. What is your favorite commerical?

My favorite commerical is the ESPN commerical where New York Jets RB LaDainianTomlinson admits that Aaron Rodgers is his fantasy football quarterback with Mark Sanchez in the locker room. Fact is stranger than fiction.

3. Did you hear Steven Taylor’s version of the Star Spangled Banner?

Yes, I heard it. And it was so unpatriotic. Taylor truly lived up to his nick-name as the Screamin’ Demon.

4. Do you like the Miami Dolphins (WR) Brandon Marshall?

Yes. I like Brandon Marshall. He is crazy good. I mean, crazy straight-jacket good.

5. Do you like rapper French Montana?

No, I don’t like French Montana but I do like that fine woman in his video. Goodness, Gracious, Good God Almighty!!!

6. What happens to white America when it gets a cold?

When white America catches a cold, Black America gets the flu.

7. Who is your favorite NFL quarterback?

My favorite NFL quarterback is Tony Romo because he “handed” the New York Giants another chance to win another Super Bowl.

8. Were you afraid Tom Brady was going to get hurt against the Denver Broncos?

Yes, he almost broke his throwing arm when he spiked the football in the endzone after scoring a touchdown in the regular season.

9. Do you like the Jacksonville Jaguars new owner Shahid Khan?

Yes, but why do I think about Pringles potato chips everytime I see his face.

10. Who is the meanest-looking player in the NBA?

The Oklahoma Thunders’ Kendrick Perkins is the meanest-looking player in the NBA. He is the new version of Robert Parrish.