By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: January 27, 2012

1. What advice do you have for the NFL Newtork’s Michael Irvin?

If you want to ride, don’t ride the white horse.

2. How can you stop Superman?

You stop Superman not with Krypton-ite but by hacking him to death like the Golden State Warriors did Dwight Howard.

3. Has Les Miles lost his ability to perform magic?

Yes, Les Miles has lost his ability to perform magic because he refused to pull another quarterback out of his hat.

4. Do you like comedian Kevin Hart?

I like comedian Kevin Hart because he is shorter than me. Oh Right, Oh Right, Oh Right

5. Why are fans booing New Jersey Nets Kris Humphries?

I don’t know why fans are booing Kris Humpries. Because, Kris Humphries is not good enough to be booed.

6. What do you want to tell New York Knicks’ point guard Iman Asante Shumpert?

Stop shooting so much, you are not Carmelo Anthony

7. Who could help the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA Championship this year?

Rasheed Wallace. Seriously, can you imagine Rasheed, Matt Barnes and Ron Artest on the same court. Now, that’s scary.

8. What is your football philosphy?

My philosphy is…”Look good; Feel good. Feel good; Play good.”

9. Did you hear President Obama singing like Al Green at the Apollo?

Yes, I heard President Obama singing like Al Green at the Apollo Theater and I threw a bowl of hot grits at him.

10. What’s a Christians worst nightmare?

Tom Brady. Because, with a Patriot victory, Tebow-mania comes to an end.