By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: January 27, 2012

1.Have you ever seen a Black man cry?

Yes, I saw a Black man cry when Barack Obama won the election. And I saw another Black man cry, when San Franciso 49ers TE Vernon Davis made the game-winning touchdown catch against the New Orleans Saints.

2. T.J.Yates or T.D.Jakes?

T.D.Jakes. Because, he wouldn’t throw three interceptions against the Baltimore Ravens…

3. What happened to the Denver Broncos?

It’s quite simple. The Church boy got beat by the Play boy.

4. Who is the real Superman? Shaq or Dwight Howard?

Cam Newton is Superman….

5. Are you happy the Denver Broncos lost?

Yes, now Skip Bayless can stop arguing with Stephen A.Smith about how great Tim Tebow is….

6. Do you like Troy Aikman?

I love Troy Aikman. Because, when he commentates a game, he always tells you how to beat the Cowboys.

7. Why are the conspiracy theorists upset with Shaq?

People are upset with Shaq because they found out he is a Mason. Now, that explains why he won all of those NBA championships.

8. Did you see Charles Barkley on Saturday Night Live?

Yes, I saw Charles Barkley on Saturday Night Live and I didn’t know he was a Lesbian.

9. Did you see Florida State beat North Carolina?

No, because I walked off the court before the game was over with..

10. Do you think Charles Barkley has lost too much weight?

Yes, I think Charles Barkley has lost too much weight. Now, he is no longer the “round-mound-of rebound.” He is simply a big head with a big mouth.

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