Cam Newton: Say it loud, I’m Black n’ I’m Proud

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: January 2, 2012
DENVER, CO, (BASN)—Gee, this is going to be good. A battle between good n’ evil. A final conflict twixt The Mile Hi Messiah and the Carolina Con-Man. An Ebony heathen going against an anointed Viking Saint. Jesus versus the Devil . . . Tim Tebow pitted against Cam Newton . . . . Black against White . . . . See, these two young men won’t be battling merely for the “face of the NFL,” as they both are as this piece hits the press; both on the fringes of being considered “All-Pro.” Tebow’s already performed last second miracles . . . irrelevant miracles, but nonetheless miracles, while Cam has performed miraculously, defying the laws of a raw-rookies nature and disregarding the numerous gutter-low expectations set for him by White sports writers. Both will be used as symbols of success, i.e., power n’ might in the “cold civil war” this nation is neck deep in as we speak, symbols for the opposing sides in America’s never-ending cultural wars. This is why Newton ought be careful with his observations about the fish bowl he’s swimming in. By tossing both JaMarcus Russell and Vince Young under-the-bus in this lateset ESPN magazine But I can’t sit up here and look at it like, oh man, my critics are racist,” Newton says. “I blame JaMarcus Russell and to some degree Vince Young. If you have the opportunity to make that kind of money doing something you love to do, why would you screw it up? I’m trying to be a trailblazer. If Baylor’s Robert Griffin decides to come out, I want people to say ‘He can be the next Cam Newton’ instead of ‘He’s gonna be the next JaMarcus Russell.'” That was sweet music to the ears of uncountable racist White sportsfans and writers who’re constantly looking for someone Black to offer them cover and camouflage. I can only conclude Cam was trying not to paint n’ taint his situation as one where race occupies a major role. He can’t be more wrong. I’d submit he’s been lectured goofy about not playing the race card and alienating White fans/consumers. As we’re all aware, Black people are to never, ever suggest White racism plays a role, even an insignificant role in any aspect of life – what nonsense. Son, the race card was played in the NFL early last century when Fritz Pollard was treated . . . like a Nigger, and the card has been played ever since, by angry, insecure, paranoid White men who’ve been struggling to “hold back’ and “turn round” every single Black Signal Caller who comes down the pike and threatens the last mythical bastion of some alleged White superiority – the NFL Field General. There’s no need to lecture folks about the the racism which has been inherent and quite visible in the NFL. If Cam doubts the role, the intensity, the presence of White racism, then he need look no further then The Lone Star State governor, Tricky Ricky Perry, who’s already jumped on the Tebow Chuck-wagon, and he’ll be only one of the first amongst scores of angry White people, TEA Baggers who’re attaching themselves to Tebow because he’s a Great White Hope, a “God fearing, baby Jesus luvin’ bible totin” Christan Gladiator – doing battle against . . . Savages, Black hearted and actually cursed Black skinned Savages. See Mitch Romney’s sacred Mormon scriptures to understand the cursed part of this.

Cam Newton, who came into the NFL being assaulted, note this form of brutal attack; Under “negatives” for Newton, Nolan Nawrocki, Of Pro Football Weekly wrote about Newton; “Very disingenuous — has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup. Always knows where the cameras are and plays to them. Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law — does not command respect from teammates and will always struggle to win a locker room . . . Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness — is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority. Not dependable.” Thank god I speak Redneck-lish . . . translation; the dumb Nigger is “uppity” and you can’t control nor trust him. Cam needs to admit, in public, in front of ESPN and FOX Sports cameras that evaluation of him by an prominent sports writer was merely “code” for; “Cam Newton is but another . . . Nigger, and we all know the only good Nigger is a dead Nigger.” The wide-spread racism Newton’s dismissing called for Vince Young to kill himself . . . . And if the road turns bumpy for Cam, they’ll be those calling for him to blow his head-off!
And Cam ought to recognize how Panther head coach Ron Rivera has treated him, respected him – compared/contrasted with how Fisher treated VY, and how Lane Kiffin treated Russell. Rivera has felt the NFL racism Cam Questions . . . . Behind closed doors, I don’t think Cam, his pops or his brother who plays in the NFL would deny my summation, trouble is, this kid will be asked questions about his success from this moment on, and it won’t be asked behind closed doors. James Brown penned “Say it loud, I’m Black n’ I’m proud,” knowing it would forever paint n’ taint him as “uppity”, derail his career and “crossover appeal” however he didn’t give a damn, he was determined to say n’ do the right thing. Cam, take note of that sacrifice, you’re being asked to make the same right now by myself and scores of other Black folks.
Sam Bradford, the St. Louis Rams QB can deny his Comanche or Apache roots, and claim he had no problem playing for the Redskins, but you, on the other darker hand, can’t get away with trivializing and dismissing the racism which today places this all- so racially-split nation on the verge of race wars. But we regress . . . Cam Newton has done nothing to prove these racist clowns right, and everything to demonstrate Nawrocki had no idea what-in-the-hell he was talking about. I haven’t heard too much from this so-called sportswriter after Newtons first two 400 yard games . . . my thought is he’s busy eatin’ crow, chocking on Black crow. How so-very fitting. Newton has been branded, not tagged nor labeled, but branded (there’s a dramatic difference between the two) a gangster/thug because he accepted a stolen laptop while at Florida, playing behind, pushing, threatening Tim Tebow. Despite no proof FOX Sports repeatably reported and amplified he was alleged to have also been caught cheating on 2 to 3 occasions – unsubstantiated sources and no real proof. You can bet the accusations stuck, like to a Tar-Baby, and there are those amongst us who still think like their fore-fathers and considered Blacks Tar-Babies. But those aren’t the incidents which sent sports writers over-the-top, no it was his father who allegedly was smart enough to out-fox the NCAA foxes and secure for his son a couple of hundred grand in exchange for his raising millions upon millions for Mississippi State or any perspective suitor. Now granted that tale too was not confirmed – but wow it sure sounded damning. Rush Limbaugh regards that type of Republican bartering and deal-making on the behalf of Blacks as uppity, and we all know real Americans like Rush hate uppity Niggers. And note; at least every-other year we’ve got accounts of military/police/fire cadets cheating . . . As well as White kids, from the right family/neighborhood/schools who’ve been busted cheated on SAT test; and we don’t hang them at sunrise. There’s been an opinion floating around the World Wide Web that Cam was set-up at Florida . . . in order to set-up Tim Tebow with no competition and a shot at the Heisman . . . and I’m sorry. I can’t dismiss it. So with all that behind us, these two young men find themselves dueling to represent the NFL, and without their desire nor consent to be poster-boys, figureheads, symbols in this nations cultural battles for who n’ what is American Culture. Tebow will not deny his love for Jesus, it is my hope Cam Newton won’t deny what is unquestionably a racist country he lives in and a racist league which has reluctantly accepted him. Cam, Say it loud . . . I’m Black and under attack for it.