A Night of Lightweights

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: January 7, 2012

Luis Ramos, Jr

Luis Ramos, Jr

IOWA CITY, IOWA (BASN)-–Shobox, the Next Generation had a evening featuring lightweight prospects as undefeated prospect Luis Ramos, Jr faced the dangerous Ray Beltran. Before that particular bout, undefeated lightweight prospect Michael Perez fought another undefeated prospect Omar Figueroa to see whose zero would go.

Perez and Figueroa exchanged punches over the first minute of the opening stanza, but very few punches actually hit anything. The initial lack of action in the opening minute could have been due to Figueroa fighting both orthodox and southpaw. Perez began with the better jab while Figueroa worked on the body but Perez added his own body shots over the last minute of the first round. This worked to Figueroa favor, who proved to be the better body puncher over the course of the bout.

Perez body shots started to show effect early as Figueroa mouth was open and in the middle of the second round, Perez nailed Figueroa with an uppercut. With time running out, both fighters nailed the other with solid body shots. Figueroa trapped Perez on the rope with solid shots that started with powerful jabs. Figueroa found some extra energy as he recovered from those early body shots that slowed him down.

Both fighters started the third round throwing haymakers, many of them aimed at the body as Figueroa outpunched Perez but Perez proved slightly more accurate with his shots. Both fighters showed the ability to go down to the body before moving up for head shots but at the end of the round, Figueroa once again trapped Perez on the rope as he ripped one body shots after another.

Figueroa continued to delivered pressure in the fourth round as his body shots now started to tired Perez, reversing what happened in the second round when it was his mouth that was open as result of body shots. Figueroa ended the fourth as he ended the previous two rounds as he once again trapped Perez on the rope

At the fifth round, Figueroa body shots forced Perez to cover up as going into the second half of the fight, Figueroa’s will started to take hold as he forced Perez to fight in the trenches. Perez began the sixth round boxing and trying to fight from angles while looking for areas to counter the on charging Figueroa. While Perez boxing allowed him to box effectively but like all of other rounds, Figueroa trapped Perez with solid body shots with one of those shots bending Perez over. As Perez walked back to his corner slowly, his corner stopped the fight as their fighter took too many body shots. Figueroa won the fight by his will as his body work simply wore his opponent out. Near the end of the first round, it became a battle of body shots and this was a battle that Figueroa won.

The second bout began with Ramos and Beltran feeling each other at as very little action occurred in the opening minute. Beltran chased as Ramos moved side to side but neither fighter struck a punch with evil attention as the pace was slow and plodding. Both fighters connected on solid shots in the opening minute of the second round but neither fighter could find a rhythm even though Beltran connected on a couple of rights. Ramos did not look sharp over the first six minutes of the fight.

The fight started to heat up in the third round as Ramos connected on a right hook from his southpaw position but the fight took a dramatic turn as a head butt from Beltran opened up a cut over Ramos’ right eye. Ramos connected on more punches in the third round as his quicker hands nailed Beltran as Beltran move forward without jabbing.

In the fourth round, Beltran backed Ramos up with a solid combination including a wicked right hand that shook Ramos briefly and he concluded the fourth round with a solid left hook followed by a right hand. Ramos pushed the pace at the beginning of the fifth round as he landed three solid left hands that forced the aggressive Beltran back to the rope. Ramos controlled the round but with a minute left, Beltran head butted Ramos a third time and by the end of the fifth round, Ramos connected on nearly half of his punches as he was the more accurate of the two punchers.

Ramos started the sixth round with solid shots but midway through the round, Beltran landed a solid right followed by a left hook to take the momentum away from the undefeated Ramos. Beltran and Ramos exchanged punches and with a minute left, Ramos nailed Beltran with a straight left that lifted Beltran head up.

Ramos began the eight round with side to side movement as he nailed Beltran with solid shots but it didn’t stop Beltran from moving forward. In the middle of the round, both fighters exchanged blows off the rope and Ramos went back to moving side to side near the end of the round as he connected on a straight left but Beltran ended the round with a right cross and left hook. Beltran started to throw more punches throughout the ninth round as he forced Ramos to retreat and Ramos did very little effective countering.

Ramos began the tenth round boxing and throwing a series of punches. Going into the final round, Ramos connected on more punches whereas Beltran threw some 100 more punches. Beltran continued to press the action as Ramos attempted to counter the constant moving Beltran. Ramos looked more tired as the round progressed as he clinched more. The SHOBOX team had the fight even with Beltran throwing more punches but Ramos connected on 45% of his punches, an impressive number. The score was 97-93, 97-93 96-94 in favor for Ramos as the judges awarded the more accurate puncher over the busier fighter. This was a fight that could have gone either way but Ramos fought tough against the rough Beltran. Despite suffering cuts from head butts, Ramos showed coolness and never lost composure.

This evening beginning with Figueroa showing that he had the will to overcome a more talented Perez or at least more talented on paper and the evening concluded with Ramos showing toughness in overcoming Beltran as he took a serious step forward.