Yale coach loses job

By Richard Kent BASN Writer
Updated: December 24, 2011
Tom Williams

Tom Williams

CONNECTICUT, (BASN)—Tom Williams is a decent man. He will be a man without a job on December 31,2011.

The soon to be former Yale football coach resigned under fire today, ostensibly over a flak engendered by his claim that he was a Rhodes Scholar candidate while a senior at Stanford in 1992. He claimed that he was a Rhodes candidate when in reality he was merely recommended by then Stanford head coach Bill Walsh to apply for the position.

We say that he will soon no longer be the Yale coach because he was 0-3 against Harvard and an ugly 0-3.

In 2009, his first year he made one of the bonehead calls of all time when he had his team go for it on fourth and twenty two from its own twenty six while nursing a three point lead and in possession of the best punter in the Ivy League.

This year he had a 7-2 season spoiled by Ivy League champs Harvard 45-7 at home. That loss did him in, Rhodes or no Rhodes.

There is no more important game on the Ivy schedule for Yale than Harvard. The revenue from that game, when at home in concert with alumni contributions after The Game fund most of the Yale Athletic Programs. A win leads alumni to their check books.

Was Williams right in making the Rhodes representation? Nope. Even he will tell you that. But if Williams had beaten Harvard 45-7 this season would he be out of a job. We say no to that question as well.

Certainly integrity in athletics lives in the Ivies, but winning also counts. Just ask Tom Williams.