The Tim Tebow Effect

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 15, 2011

Effecting the football world

Effecting the football world

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN)–Many owners and coaches still do not want Black quarterbacks leading their teams on the field. Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow has created another firestorm around the issue of Black quarterbacks in the National Football League.

Just like some white Americans do not want a Black male leading the country. Ask President Obama about that one..

This phenomenon of not wanting Black quarterbacks in the modern era dates back to 1960 when the Denver Broncos hired African American Marlon Briscoe to play the position. But a year later he was asked to move to wide receiver (after being listed 8th on the depth chart at QB the following year). Briscoe declined and was shipped to Buffalo. Briscoe got the better end of this deal. He received two Super Bowl rings with the Miami Dolphins while the Buffalo Bills continued to struggle until the Jim Kelly era of the 1980s. The Bills have yet to win a Super Bowl.

It was the beginning of a trend that has continued for 60 years.

Tim Tebow is a continuation of the trend. This writer has taken into account that number 15 is seven and one as a starter, but he has major flaws. If the Denver Broncos are close in the fourth quarter Tebow finds a way to win. That is all you can ask from any player, so the question is why are the rules different for African American quarterbacks?

Mr. Tebow cannot throw long passes and he still lacks the ability to follow his progressions down the field. When he can’t find his primary receiver, Tebow tucks the ball and runs. It is only a matter of time before NFL teams will find a way to stop this. If Tebow were African American he would be sitting on the bench carrying a clipboard on the sidelines.

Canadian & Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon had to prove that he was a good quarterback. He traveled to the Canadian Football League before the NFL even looked at him; by the way Mr. Moon won 5 straight Grey Cups for the Edmonton Eskimos. That was not by accident; and no other quarterback has done it since – in either league!

Major Harris from West Virginia University, also had to go to Canada. Harris was one of the best college running quarterbacks at that time. Owners, coaches, and scouts stated that Harris could not read defenses. It was also stated that Randall Cunningham could not read defenses. Randall had to prove to the Philadelphia Eagles organization that he could win.

For African American quarterbacks it was never about playing the position it was about winning and doing it with flair. It was about convincing the head coach, the owner, and the quarterback coach that he could do the job. White quarterbacks never have to go through this test of fire. They are allowed to fail and get a second chance somewhere else. African American quarterbacks are only afforded one.

Jefferson Joe Street Gilliam of the Pittsburgh Steelers had a 4-1-1 record before he was pulled for Terry Bradshaw in the 1970’s. Joe was not flashy enough for the Steeler executives. What did number seventeen do wrong? Pittsburgh was a white-blue collar town and could not indentify with Gilliam.

James Harris of the Los Angeles Rams came from the Black college quarterback factory, the Grambling State University Tigers in Louisiana. He would be the first Black man to guide a team to a playoff victory.

The Grambling State Tigers also produced a Super Bowl Champion, Doug Williams of the Washington Football Club. Williams not only won the game but he broke eight Super Bowl records. Williams also took a rag tag Tampa Bay team from last place to the playoffs in two years. Williams and the Washington Football Club could not agree on a contract after the Super Bowl victory. How did that work out Washington D.C.?

At the turn of the century, Syracuse flame thrower Donovan McNabb took the Eagles to four straight NFL Titles and one Super Bowl appearance. The first African American to do so. It was still not enough for the Philadelphia management. They traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Football Club and entrusted the Eagle franchise to Kevin Kolb with Michael Vick as backup. How did that work out? Kolb went down in the 2nd game of the season and Vick took the Eagles to a 10 win season knocking the Dallas Cowboys out of playoffs. Kolb is currently starting for the struggling Arizona Cardinals.

NFL teams continue to hire second tier white quarterbacks to lead their teams to this position and continue to lose.

Owners and coaches want a mobile running quarterback and when they get one like Michael Vick or Vince Young, what happens? They ask them to stay in the pocket; so they can get hit! HELLO!!!, you can’t have it both ways. Tim Tebow has brought this argument back to the forefront with the way he plays the position.

In the middle of this season Oakland Raider starting quarterback Jason Campbell went down with a season ending shoulder injury. Campbell was a big mobile quarterback leading the Raiders in the AFC Western Division. The Oakland Raiders traded two number one draft picks for Carson Palmer. what has he done lately? He quit on his former team in Cincinnati and are now are telling The Raiders fan base to take a chance on a quitter – REALLY? The Raiders are now paying for that move, they have lost four of the last five games and slipped out of the AFC West Division lead and the Wildcard race.

Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers will never get into the Super Bowl because he can’t take heavy pass rushes. His record shows the results. Just ask the Chargers how many times Rivers has hit the turf against the Oakland Raiders?

How about the Washington Football Club running veteran Donovan McNabb out, how are they doing these days with Rex Grossman and John Beck? The coaching staff at Washington are so drunk with power they cannot see the flaws in Grossman and Beck. They are willing to sacrifice a season to prove their point. The Philadelphia Eagles were also willing to sacrifice a season by putting Kevin Kolb as the starting quarterback two years ago.

Speaking about the aforementioned Kevin Kolb, and John Skelton of the confusing and failing Arizona Cardinals are in last place. The Cardinals are spinning out of control, not winning games until the last two weeks, when they upset the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. It’s been a very long time since their last playoff appearance.

The Indianapolis Colts depended so much on Payton Manning that they did not even draft a free agent for the position. What is their record? 0-12. The team should have had a decent backup yet nobody talks about the mistake the Colts management made in leaving the cupboard bare at quarterback.

The Buffalo Bills were winning at the beginning of the season with a 5-0 record and the Harvard Graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick as quarterback. Fitzpatrick and the Bills took all the accolades and he will lead Buffalo to another losing season – WOW how exciting is that!

Please don’t get me started on the Dallas Cowgirls I mean Cowboys and Tony Romo. How many playoff games has Romo won, yet the media still loves him. He is still the playboy of the National Football League. Romo needs to win games on the field not in the bedroom. The Dallas Cowboys don’t get it.

The Minnesota Vikings should be ashamed of themselves for doing what they did. First, for letting egomaniac Brett Favre who lead them around the barn for almost two years. Meanwhile budding star Tarvaris Jackson’s progress regressed while he waited to play the position. Second, Favre repeated his tired act with the New York Jets. Third, it finally took another two years to get Brett out of the league.

Then the Vikings traded Jackson to the Seattle Seahawks and acquiring veteran Donovan McNabb. Talk about musical chairs this was it. In the middle of the season Minnesota released McNabb. How is that working out with Christian Ponder and Joe Webb at quarterback? Have the Vikings won a game yet?

Question, do you hear Donovan McNabb whining or crying about what happened to him in Philadelphia, Washington, or Minnesota? That is the difference between some white and black males. Black males suck it up and move on.

White male privilege prevails and is just around every corner.

How about those Monsters of the Midway, the Chicago Bears? With Jay Cutler went down with a broken finger for the rest of the season and Caleb Haney stepped up to finish this season. Good luck with that. The Bears might not even make the playoffs after being the leading team in the NFC Wildcard spot.

As ex coach Herm Edwards stated “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME” … Some teams have not gotten the memo and will continue to play second tier quarterbacks instead of the best quarterback available. They will continue to lose and turn off their fan base.

The Oakland Raiders, the Miami Dolphins, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Jacksonville Jaguars may have gotten the message and are moving in another direction with new head coaches.

Talk about character flaws, the American sports media tried to run Auburn quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers out of football with non-football issues. The Heisman Trophy winner, the college player of the year and the (SEC) South Eastern Conference player of the year knew that he was the best quarterback in last year’s draft. What about the character flaws of Big Ben Roethlisburger and his two alleged rape cases and Mr. Brett Favre sending photos of his manhood to women in New York City? Non-football issues, REALLY?

This was written about Cam Newton by Yahoo sports writer Nolan Nowrocki in April 2011. Newton’s flaws were his fake smile, his alleged reports of stealing, alleged payment scam, his arrogant attitude, lack of accountability, not punctual, not trustworthy, not a team leader, seeks shortcuts, immature, has issues with authority figures. Think about the last eight issues and a twenty year old man, Black or white. HELLO!!!

It is very interesting to note that Mr. Nowrocki states in the next paragraph that Newton is composed under pressure and comes though in the clutch. Can’t have it both ways Mr. Nowrocki.

The American sports media would never write a scathing report like this about a 20 year old white quarterback. LOOK IT UP !!!!!

Now watch how the Sports media pundits try to spin the results of Cam Newton’s season in Carolina. Stating that Cam Newton is not the rookie of the year, Really? Just read the final statistics. The facts are clear.

This has gone on forever and it is tiring. Over and over again Black QB’s have to prove themselves while white quarterbacks just have to play the position and not worry about the politics.

Is it fair? NO!!!

Is it right? NO !!!

Is it racism-as Sarah Palin would state, “You betcha”, But that’s America and that’s the National Football League.

Look this writer would be the first one to say a Black QB stinks like JaMarcus Russell of the Oakland Raiders. Please read the article on the Black Athlete Sports Network website called, “Kill The Ghost”.

Also this writer will give credit to white quarterbacks who perform, well like Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, Indianapolis Colt Payton Manning, his brother New York Football Giant Eli Manning, New Orleans Saint Drew Brees, and New England’s Tom Brady.

The question should be asked how many Black tight ends or wide receivers have switched from the quarterback position because owners and coaches did not want them leading their teams. But as my colleague, Cowboy Reggie would state, “I digress”.

The list is endless.

Give these fine young men a chance to prove they belong at the quarterback position.

This is the Tim Tebow effect on the NFL.

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