Robert Griffin III: Young, Gifted and Black . . . .

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: December 11, 2011
DENVER, CO.(BASN)—Robert Lee Griffin, the III, was born in Japan, where his parents, both retired U.S. Army Sergeants, were stationed. The family later lived in the U.S. State of Washington, and then moved to New Orleans, before finally settling in Copperas Cove, Texas in 1997 Graduated No. 7 in high school senior class… Graduated from Baylor in December 2010 with degree in political science … Has aspirations of attending law school. Well, after Mr Wikipedia and a few other sources explained the basics . . . I realized the classy young Mr. Griffin was an officer n’ gentleman, well-prepared for the battle an Ebony-skinned alpha-male will have to confront. Titanium sharpens Titanium, no? His life story enlightened me as to where “The Griffin” gets his skills from.
This young man’s Heisman acceptance speech was just-about flawless, twice-as-good as Dion’s Prime Time Hall Of Fame pitch last year. It illustrated his maturity and advanced depth, which is well-beyond most of his fellow gladiators. He demolished old stereotypes set a new standard to aspire to.

OK, at least that relevant revelation commenced to elaborate as to where this kid got the maturity, the consistency, the discipline and organization skills to excel at the level he has. The young man amassed 3998 yards in the air, 36 TD’s vs. 6 INTs, and a 72.4 completion percentage. tack on another 644 yards and 9 TDs on the ground. You do know what a so-called mythical Griffin is . . . ? The griffin . . . thought to be an especially powerful and majestic winged creature, half -lion/half eagle – king of all the creatures. I’d submit he has the most advanced communication skill’s I’ve seen in years amongst his peers – other males playing the hi-profile spot of QB, and clearly, yet tragically amongst Black males, who at times, regardless if they hail from Tacoma Washington or San Diego California sound as if they just ran away from a 1847 Tupelo Mississippi tobacco plantation. Granted a man can sound like an unenlightened buffoon, but in this White man’s cold, calculatingly cruel, deliberately unfair country . . . it’s to one’s advantage to master words, ideas and advanced concepts. No? He’s been deemed intellectually gifted which tragically is a begrudging complement seldom paid to a Black quarterback, but because his skills are so spit-shined polished he stands-out from his peers, like the hoopster hooligans from Cincinnati and Xavier who so ignorantly proclaim their gangster manhood. Perhaps the difference is parenting, that’s what I’d bet, his parents, both career Army Sargent’s, out of the “Big Easy, “down in the projects” in the 9th Parish – those two individuals made all the difference. Thank You Mr & Mrs. Griffin, you’ve created a “young, gifted n’ Balck” model to emulate and imitate, a Black blueprint to copy-to-the-“T.”
RGIII’s Wonderlick/IQ score will be impressive, and yes, despite Dan Marino’s ” 8″ there’s nothing wrong with being sharp and bright, well-mannered, well-rounded and well-versed, I’m not going to take points away if a kid can name the 9 planets in our solar system, knows his multiplication tables, can name all fifty US state capitols . . . and the name of the Primer of Iky-Iky Pecka-stain. When I read this young officer n’ gentleman’s bio, it all fell-together for me, I realized who n’ what this kid is, the tools on his belt and the foundation he posses to build-upon. He has what it takes to enter and excel in an hostile environment coldly constructed to turn young Black men a’round, send them back to their perceived proper, lower, inferior place. . . the NFL, and life in America as a full-grown Black man. I’m sorry, but it’s not an disadvantage to grow-up in a solid two-parent house with a good husband trying to be a great dad. It matters and we Black folks ought stop minimizing it’s benefit and realize the dismantlement of the Black family was calculated and deliberate, thus we should reject the planted notion – strong Black men are not required in Black households. Make no mistake about it, I’ve no yearning to defend the chocolate wordsmith “Jabba-the-Hutt,” i.e., Jason Whitlock and his recent work for the Conservative White Citizens Council, where his half-ass analazation of the Tebow love affair is being amplified all-across the nation; Whitlock minimized the role of both religion and racism in Tebow’s opportunity to excel and the adoption/embracement by White America as their posterboy . . . while maximizing the singular importance of a traditional, wholesome “Huxtable household.” Nonetheless even a blind, obest Water-Buffalo or a black three-toed ground sloth finds a acorn, or whatever they eat every-now-n’-then. If Robert Griffin, the III, hadn’t walked-away with The Heisman . . . the only answer would have been the whole affair was rigged . . . This, the “morning after” there appears to be as many sob-story condolence pieces floating around the World-Wide Web for Oliver Luck’s boy as there are congratulatory ones patting RGIII on the back. I’ll tell ya’, being a Great White Hope in a game predominated and dominated by Black savages is a advantage, and being a Black QB in the same game is a distinct disadvantage. Between Cam Newton – the Lovable Rogue and Robert Griffin – the Eagle Scout and O-H-I-O’ State’s Braxton Miller –The Prayer in the wings . . . the face of the NFL is about to change, from blond n’ blue to bronze and brown, and you can tell the Good ol boy establishment’s stranglehold on the Golden Boy spot is not going to go without a fight, without kickin’ n’ screamin’ all the way to “fairness,” and the leveling of an lopsided playing field. There’s a backlash developing because of the obvious emergence of Afro-American Signal Callers and there was the concern Griffin might have penalized because of what he signals . . . the end of an era of fake, phony domination. The days of a kid like Griffin having to settle for Jim Harabaugh’s offer a few years back, that RGIII and Andrew Luck could share the Stanford Field General spot, i.e., Luck could auddition for an NFL QB spot while RGIII could . . . run around, those days are coming to end at last, they’ve only taken about all 40 years to go from James Harris and Doug Williams being allowed to be NFL QBs and Warren Moon’s snubbing to the Black College Quarterbacks crowned the best collegiate player, and then going into a league, a cartel which permits them to play and excel at itsGlamore position. I guess that’s progress, on the behalf of White men right? It’s so very “White” of them to admit the obvious;the Black sportsman isn’t just athletic barbarians void of character, without minds and heart . . .