Mixed Martial Arts

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 19, 2011

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)—Showtime followed up their Super Six championship with a Strike Force match up feature Gilbert Melendez challenging Jorge Masvidal plus Brazilian star Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos vs Hiroko Yamanaka.
The opening bout featured K.J. Noons fighting Billy Evangelista. In the opening rounds, both fighters managed take downs but neither could dominate nor could either successfully strike each other until the last two minutes when Evangelista nailed Noons with left hook but Noons was able to minimize the damage as he rolled with the punch.
Noons open the second round with a left hook and right hand strikes but Evangelista countered with right hand. Both fighters depended upon hand actions with Noons landing some solid right hand but Evangelista added a crushing right hand of his own. Noons kicked to thigh and he attempted a takedown only to be greeted with an Evangelista knee. The final thirty seconds featured both men on the octagon walls with body shots and occasional knees but this round saw either men hit the ground.
The third round continued where the second round ended with both men landing solid strikes. Noons connected on a back kick to Evangelista’s head that turned Evangelista’s head 180 degrees. Noon countered while retreating while Evangelista came forward. At the three minute mark, Evangelista tried to trap Noons to the ground with a choke move but Noons executed a perfect escape and for the rest of the round Noons nailed Evangelista with some solid combinations as Evangelista face swelled up. K.J. Noons won the close decision and deservedly so.
The second bout featured light heavyweights Ovince St. Preux challenging Gerald Mousasi. The bout began with Mousasi walking St. Preux down and when St. Preux attempted to throw his strike, Mousasi moved out of harm ways. Mousasi blocked a St. Preux kick before Mousasi trapped St. Preux down to the ground. While Mousasi attempted to lock St.Preux on the ground, St. Preux reversed his status getting on top of Mousasi. This advantage lasted for about thirty seconds before St. Preux found himself back on the ground and getting nailed with punches but Mousasi attempt to end the fight was stopped by the round ending horn. Mousasi advantages in the first round were aided by his ground and pound tactics.
Mousasi trapped St. Preux in the opening minutes of the second round as he continued his ground and pound tactics. Mousasi had St. Preux on the ground for nearly three minutes before the referee had both men return to center round. Mousasi tried to pin St. Preux down but Mousasi ended up on the ground himself and found himself the victim of a ground and pound tactics in reverse; but he managed to escape and ending the round on the top of Saint Preux.
Saint Preux managed to get Mousasi on the ground in the opening half of the final round but at the two minute and half point, Mousasi reversed Saint Preux and had his opponent on the ground. St. Preux used a back door reversal as he trapped Mousasi and over the last thirty seconds, Saint Preux looked for choke to end the fight but the horn sounded before Saint Preux could finish his opponent and Mousasi won the decision.
Hiroko Yamanaka wanted to fight Cris Cyborg Santos and she got her wish as she challenged the tough Cyborg, whose motto appeared to be “resistance is futile.” The first ten seconds showed indeed resistance was futile as a right hand nailed Yamanka and sent the Japanese challenger crashing down. Yamanaka got back up but another right hand sent Yamanka down for the second and final time after she suffered a flurry of strikes. The referee stopped the fight in a bout that lasted a whole sixteen seconds.
Gilbert Melendez defended his lightweight title against Jorge Masvidal and in the opening minute, the champion Melendez connected on jabs and solid right hands as Masvidal looked for counters. Melendez continued with solid strikes and one combinations ended with a whipping back kick to Masvidal thighs. Masvidal used his own back kicks knocked Melendez down but he couldn’t take advantage whereas Melendez manage to get Masvidal into a guillotine choke hold. Melendez continued his assault in the second round as he forced Masvidal back and Masvidal had trouble to get Melendez to retreat. Melendez showed patience as he continued to pound Masvidal while waiting for the one opportunity to take his challenger to the ground where conventional wisdom stated that Melendez had the better ground game. Masvidal finally connected on a counter that managed to knock Melendez mouth piece out and with two minutes left; Masvidal finally connected with a series of combinations. Masvidal landed a back kick to the head but Melendez found an opening for his right.
The champion showed that he could match the taller Masvidal with his strikes and after three rounds, he actually landed more strikes including power strikes. Melendez continued to pound his opponent and while Masvidal did manage to strike a few counters, punches that manage to swell Melendez’s right eye, Melendez easily got the best of the strikes.
Masvidal attacked with flying knees but Melendez countered by throwing combinations and while Masvidal connected on one punch, Melendez countered with combinations. Masvidal tried for a take down in the last twenty seconds of the bout, but this did very little and Melendez actually garnered control of ground game. In a bout that resembled a chess match with Melendez checkmating Masvidal. Melendez did not win by going to his strength but by beating the taller Masvidal using his hands.
While Melendez defended his title by using good standing techniques but it was Cris Cyborg who brought the house with the most exciting sixteen seconds of the night as she knocked Yamanka out and showing that she may be the baddest woman on the planet.