By Eric D.Graham BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 15, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)-–Holy mackerel, Batman!!!

The Denver Broncos are in first place with an 8 and 5 record.

Plus, they are on the verge of making the playoffs.

Therefore, let’s stop the hating people.

Tim Tebow has lived up to his limited expectations.

He is a winner.

He is a baller.

He is a shot-caller.

Yes, we all have seen the Skip Bayless inspired music video produced by DJ Steve Porter.

But to be truthful, Tim Tebow maybe … maybe, a good “Christian.”

But unfortunately, he is not a good quarterback.

Yeah, I said it.

And, I don’t regret.

The bitter Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said it best, “He’s a good running back.”

And like the good book says, “The truth shall set you free.”

Urlacher,in effect, told the truth.

Tebow is a good running back, who happens to play quarterback.


Because, despite Tebow being 7-1 as a starter, it hasn’t been pretty.

In fact, most of his passes look like a wet nerf football wobbling in the wind.

But, in Tebow’s defense, he doesn’t have to throw a perfect spiral.

This is football, for Christ sake.

In this pass happy league, what’s wrong with running the football and throwing a few ducks?

The Broncos, in my opinion, are playing back-yard football, where the football is snapped directly to the quarterback, who takes off running up the middle for a few hard earn yards.

It is like playing in the annual Turkey Bowl back home.

In other words, it’s a run first and pass only if you have to type of offense.

This is a simple offense but it can be problematic to opposing defenses.

Because once a team builds up a wall against the run, they sometimes fail to recognize the pass. As a result, most teams get burnt by an ugly touchdown pass later in the game.

Hence, the recent success of the Denver Broncos.

As much as we hate to see this type of offense, it is simply old fashion-football.

There is nothing complex about.

But, if it was that simple, the Broncos wouldn’t be winning.

Now, let’s address the Broncos’ six-game winning streak.

Give Credit, Where Credit Is Due

To the million Denver Bronco fans and Tim Tebow followers, let’s give some credit to the Denver Broncos’ defense, which consists of Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, Von Miller, and Elvis Dumervil.

These boys are ballin’!!!!!

And what about the brilliant coaching of John Fox?

Despite what the sports reports are writing, he deserves a “little” credit for designing an offense that highlights Tebow’s strengths and hides most of his weaknesses.

Let’s not leave Willis McGahee out of the conversation, he deserves a” little”credit also. Besides, he has rushed the football 193 times behind an “unrecognized” offensive line for 920 yards and four touchdown in 12 games this season.

Plus, it would be un-Christian-like, not to give some praise to kicker Matt Prater, who made a 59 yard field goal and 51 yard game-winning field goal to defeat the Chicago Bears (13-10) in overtime last Sunday.

I know the world loves Tebow, but he isn’t doing it all by himself.

To Tim Tebow’s credit, he, however, has never taken credit for any of these late-quarter victories.

He, in fact, humbly gives all credit to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Religion and Sports

But, that’s where all the problems begin.

Why? Because in the world of sports, football and religion don’t mix.

Therefore, all of this talk about divine intervention is simply a bunch of superstitious hogwash to most beer-drinking football fanatics.

But, if you believe in unicorns, you believe in Tim Tebow.

Matter of fact, many NFL analysts have spend too many sleepless nights trying to diagnosis and explain the mystery of his miraculous fourth quarter comebacks.

I have even heard a few Pentecostal pastors in the pulpit claim that little Timmy Tebow has a halo over his helmet and the Holy Ghost is directing his path to the playoffs. And then, to the Super Bowl.

But truthfully, religious extremists, like these, are foolish to believe that “the white Jesus Christ,” himself, is somehow directly involved in the Denver Broncos’ six-game winning streak.

I know it sounds crazy.

But consider the fact that, Denver Broncos’ linebacker Wesley Woodyard, whose hit jarred the football out of Chicago Bears RB Marion Barber’s arm, claimed that Tebow walked up to him and said “Don’t worry about a thing, because God has spoken to me….”


Unfortunately, people will believe anything.

According to Tebow, “It shows, if you believe, unbelievable things can happen. That was a great comeback for this team, led by the defense and the coaches. And a team that constantly believes.”

Despite all conventional wisdom, this is true.

Believe in the Unbelievable

But some people believe that Santa Claus and Rudolph “The Red Nose” Reindeer are real, Tupac is still alive, Obama is a Muslim, Jay-Z is a member of the Illuminati and Joseph Smith is a prophet from God.

And now, people believe Tim Tebow is the Jesus Christ of football.

As crazy as that may seem, this is the thinking of some American people.

Any sane person knows this is ridiculous.

But, in these times of economic hardships, people need something to believe in or someone to believe in.

And they, unfortunately, have started sipping the Tim Tebow orange-flavored Kool-aid, Jim Jones style.

And, at this moment in time, Tim Tebow is that new American hero.

The Myth of Tebow

With that said, the Hollywood myth-makers, ESPN producers as well as the NFL have fallen in love with the 6’4, 240 pound quarterback.

Why? Because behind the brawny back-up quarterback, there is a story…. of a virgin, Christian-missionary, whose mother refused to abort him, that played on a broken leg in high school, and won two BCS National Championships while at the University of Florida.

Yes, the love affair for Tebow is growing.

NBA analyst Jalen Rose on the NFL Network said that Tebow’s popularity has even grown bigger than the NFL, itself.

“If he ran for president, he’ll get Sarah Palin’s votes” Rose chuckled.

Shockingly, with all the mudslinging been thrown during these dull Republican debates, maybe Tebow will be named the next Republican presidential candidate for 2012.

And if he finds some way to defeat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, this Sunday, he might be considered even better than the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers.

Lord knows, I pray that doesn’t happen.

Because, if it does, all HELL IS GOING TO BRAKE LOOSE!!!