By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: December 20, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)—1. Did you watch the Monday Night Football game between the San Diego Chargers against the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Nope, I was in my bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old Jet magazines.

2. What have you learn from this latest scandal at Penn State?

I learnt that Absolute Power destroy absolutely.

3. Is Tim Tebow a better motivational speaker than Ray Lewis?

Man, Ray Lewis could motivate a kitty cat to be a Lion.

4. Who are you voting for in 2012?

Michelle Obama….

5. Do you know who Hillary Clinton is?

Yes, she is the wicked witch of the West

6. Should Omega Psi Phi make Ndamukong Suh an honorary Q-Dog?

Yes, Omega Psi Phi should make Ndamukong Suh an honorary Q-dog and give him a pair of gold boots after he stomped that Green Bay Packer offensive linemen, who was lying helpless on the ground.

7. What is Duke University’s freshman sensation Austin Rivers’ nickname?

He calls himself sub-zero but against Ohio State he was just plain cold.

8. Did you eat Turkey for Thanksgiving?

No, I didn’t eat turkey for Thanksgiving because I am a Black Vegetarian.

9. Do you really think Kayne West sold his soul to the devil?

No, I don’t think Kayne West sold his soul to the devil but Duke’s Coach K did. For real, seriously…No joke….

10. Who is one of the smartest Black men you know?

One of the smartest Black men in the world is Professor Cornell West. Unfortunately, I don’t understand a word he says