By Eric D.Graham
Updated: December 2, 2011

1. Who is worst Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas?

I don’t know but somebody put some pubic hair on my can of Pepsi cola.

2. Who is the best team in the AFC?

The Cincinnati Bengals ….I know that sounds silly but they beat the Baltimore Ravens. I saw with my own eyes.

3. Do you think there will be a NBA season this X-Mas?

Who cares I don’t believe in Santa Claus anyway.

4. Did you purchase the winning lottery ticket in Connecticut worth $242,000,000?

The world will never know. Plus, I’ll never tell you, if I did.

5. Did you know Elmo is a Black man?

Yeah, I know Elmo is a Black man. But ain’t nobody tickling me.

6. Do you think the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hanes Ward should be in the new Head & Shoulder shampoo commercial?

Sure, despite Hanes Ward not having any hair …it is called Head and Shoulders, not Hair and shoulders. And everybody knows Hanes Ward has one of the biggest heads in the league.

7. Did you see the Ravens versus the Steelers game?

Yes, I saw it and got a concussion just watching it.

8. Were you a part of the 99% protesting in Zuccotti Park?

No, I was one of the 80,000 Philadelphia Eagles fans cheering for Vince Young against The New York Giants.

9. What do you think about Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson giving a football to a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader after scoring a touchdown?

It was just plain stupid. Didn’t he learn anything from Roy Williams?

10. Did you watch the Soul Train Music Awards?

Nope, I was in my bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some my uncle’s old Jet magazines.

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