By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: December 2, 2011

1. Has your opinion about Tim Tebow changed?

No. Tim Tebow is still the Anti-Tom Brady. Because when he throws a pass, it looks like he is throwing a wet nerf football.

2. Who is the rookie of the year in NFL?

Despite being only 4-8, it’s still Cam Newton.

3. What do the Miami Heat need to do to win the NBA Championship this year?

First, they need to tell Adonis Haslem to cut off those braids.

4. Why is Reggie Bush playing so good?

Bush is playing so good because Kim Karadishan got a divorce.

5. Did you see Herman Cain stumble and bumble when asked about Libya?

Yeah, stick a fork in him because the pizza guy is done.

6. Do you like Dr.Cornell West?

Yes, I like professor West but how can a man so smart wear the same suit

7. Who should be the next NFL player to participate on Dancing with the Stars?

The New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz because he does a mean Salsa in the end zone when he scores.

8. What question would you like to ask Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Donovan McNabb?

Do you like the MAC-Ribb or the Egg Mac-Muffin?

9. Jim or John?

Sorry, I don’t like the Harbaughs. I like the Wayans. Now, those are some funny brothers.

10. Where will Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard end up?

I think Dwight Howard will end up in LA playing with Kobe. He always wanted to be the next Shaquille O’Neal. He already stole Shaq’s superman theme.

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