Black Quarterbacks in NFL

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: December 20, 2011

Cam the man

Cam the man

OAKLAND, CA, (BASN)—In 2011 there are only six Black starting quarterbacks in the National Football League. There are 32 teams in the NFL. The number has dropped from a record high of eight in 2008.

There is something wrong with this picture when over 65% of college quarterbacks are African American.

What happened? Do these men forget how to play the position when they enter the pro level?

The issue has reemerged since the rising presence of Denver starting quarterback Tim Tebow. Many football fans are beginning to question the real role of the starting quarterback position.

Eleven starting quarterbacks have been injured this year including Michael Vick, Jason Campbell, and Josh Freeman. Seven others have been replaced by white quarterbacks

There are currently two starting QB’s of Latino decent Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys and Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets. Both teams are still struggling to make the playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have three African American quarterbacks sitting on the bench behind number seven, Big Ben Roethlisburger. The Cleveland Browns currently have two black QB’s behind Colt McCoy. The Philadelphia Eagles have a Black starter and an African America back up in Michael Vick and Vince Young.

The 2011-2012 draft like last years will have another Heisman Trophy quarterback winner Mr. Robert Griffin III from Baylor University. He is another African American who will be questioned about his ability to play in the National Football League.

The question will be asked if Griffin has the mentality to deal with the shenanigans that Cam Newton had to endure a year ago. RG 3 will have to deal with Yahoo sports writers, scouts, coaches, owners, and general managers stating that he is too short to see over 6 foot linemen. They also may state that Griffin cannot outrun NFL linebackers and that he does not belong in the league.

One thing is certain Mr. Griffin is a very intelligent young man and will walk through the NFL mine field of summer camp and spring training without tribulations. He will be a great addition to the team that drafts him.

The double standard used by the news media will apply to Andrew Luck of Stanford and Matt Barkley of the University of Southern California. The Yahoo sports writers, scouts, the coaches, and general managers will not question their abilities. They should because they will be rookies. Both Luck and Barkley have trouble with passing progressions which all rookies experience because the pro game is so much faster than the college game.

It is sad to note that there are more Black quarterbacks on the bench than those that are starting.

This is what African American quarterbacks have to deal with year in and year out in the National Football League.

Black quarterbacks are in bold lettering

1) Arizona- Kevin Kolb

2) Atlanta- Matt Ryan

3) Baltimore- Joe Flacco

4) Buffalo- Ryan Fitzpatrick

5) Carolina- Cam Newton

6) Chicago- Jay Cutler Josh McCown-starter

7) Cincinnati- Andy Dalton

8) Cleveland- Colt McCoy

9) Dallas- Tony Romo

10) Denver- Tim Tebow

11) Detroit- Matthew Stafford

12) Green Bay- Aaron Rogers

13) Houston- T.J. Yates Matt Schaub-starter

14) Indianapolis– Curtis Painter Payton Manning -starter

15) Jacksonville- Luke McCown

16) Kansas City– Matt Cassell Kyle Orton- starter

17) Miami- Matt Moore Chad Henne-starter

18) Minnesota- Christian Ponder

19) New England- Tom Brady

20) New Orleans- Drew Brees

21) New York Giants- Eli Manning

22) New York Jets- Mark Sanchez

23) Oakland- Carson Palmer Jason Campbell starter

24) Philadelphia- Michael Vick and Vince Young both starters

25) Pittsburgh- Ben Roethelisberger

26) San Diego- Phillip Rivers

27) San Francisco- Alex Smith

28) Seattle- Tarvaris Jackson

29) St. Louis – Sam Bradford

30) Tampa Bay- Josh Johnson Josh Freeman-starter

31) Tennessee- Matt Hasselbeck

32) Washington- John Beck and Rex Grossman both starters

Starting Black quarterbacks that are not active

1. Donavan McNabb

2. David Garrard

Black quarterbacks on the bench

1. Charlie Bach – Pitts.

2. Byron Leftwich- Pitts.

3. Dennis Dixon- Pitts.

4. Terrell Pryor- Oakl.

5. Tyrod Taylor- Balti.

6. Seneca Wallace- Cleve.

7. Thaddeus Lewis-Cleve.

8. Joe Webb- Minn.

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