Baylor on the move again

By Richard Kent BASN Writer
Updated: December 25, 2011
Freshman of the year
Kaleena Mosqueda_Lewis

Freshman of the year Kaleena Mosqueda_Lewis

CONNECTICUT, (BASN)—Let’s give out our midseason awards:
Best Team-can you say B-A-Y-L-O-R They have the two best players in the country in Odyssey Sims and Brittney Griner and one of the two best coaches in the game in Kim Mulkey. Pencil them in for a National Championship contest with UConn in Denver.
Best coaches- Kevin McGuff Washington and Mulkey- McGuff has a very poor team talent wise at 8-2 even without their best player, out due to injury. The former Xavier miracle worker will turn Washington around in a matter of a few years and they will be competing with Stanford for West Coast supremacy. Mulkey has the best team, but her halftime adjustments against UConn in Waco and especially the positioning of Griner, leads us to this conclusion.
Biggest disappointment-Rutgers- The Scarlet Knights have as much talent as any teams except UConn and Baylor.

They are deep. They squandered a 16-point lead at Miami by turning off an effective press and then had the lead at home against only a fair Tennessee team and watched Tennessee win it at the end on poorly defended 3’s.

Biggest surprise-Delaware.They have Elena Della Done and are undefeated, including a big win at Wake Forest. Just think what would have happened if Della Done had stayed at UConn.
Best Game-UConn at Baylor. UConn had a 9-point lead and looked on its way to victory on the heels of some great 3-point shooting. Baylor finally found a way to get the ball inside to Griner and game over.
Worst In Game Coaching- Gary Blair, Texas A&M against UConn. The Aggies, defending National Champions were totally lost and basically gave up in the second half.

They had no answers for the UConn guard oriented offense.

Best Player-Griner, hands down.
Likely Final Four-Baylor,UConn,Notre Dame and Stanford.

All-American Team-Griner,Sims,Hartley,Dell Donne, Nnemkadi Ogwumike.

Freshman Of The Year-Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis.