Thoughts for the weekend,

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: November 7, 2011
Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)—The Super Middleweights have some great fighters and Lucian Bute may be the best. Over the past three years, fighters like Andre Ward, Carl Froch and Bute have taken their games to new levels as they moved from contender to superstars. The good news for boxing fans is that these fighters are in their prime and will be entertaining us not just as Super Middleweights but as light heavyweights and who knows maybe as Cruiserweights. Bute was a boxer three years ago but now he has changed into a boxer/puncher. After nearly losing his first fight with Librado Andrade when he survived a knockdown with seconds left in the fight, Bute changed his style and knocked out six straight fights including a devastating knockout of Andrade in a rematch. He easily dominated Glen Johnson and was never in trouble as he showed mastery of the ring. The next big fight of this division will be the winner of the Andre Ward-Carl Froch and Bute.
The big news of the boxing world was Joe Frazier last big fight against liver cancer. Frazier was one of those fighters never truly appreciated until years later after his career. Like George Foreman and Larry Holmes, Frazier fought in the shadow of Muhammad Ali and no one knew how great these fighters truly were. Frazier beat every other fighter out there and before his first big fight with Ali, he cleaned out the division before his date with destiny. For both Ali and Frazier, they had defeated all other fighters and met in one of boxing greatest fights. They fought 41 rounds over three fights, producing one of the greatest, no, the greatest trilogy in boxing history! Frazier lost only to Ali and George Foreman, two of boxing greatest.
Boxing does some stupid things and one of those things is having two big matches on the same night. This past Saturday night, Showtime featured the Glen Johnson-Lucian Bute bout while HBO had James Kirkland- Alfredo Angulo. Both fights were attractive events but can’t promoters at least check calendars before they schedule fights. For example could one network have the fight on the fifth and the other previous week? The goal for boxing should be maximum profits and ratings and one way is to make sure that you don’t have two big events on the same weekend! Is that so difficult?
This weekend big event is Manny Pacquiao and Juan Marquez. On paper and based on past bouts, this would be considered an even fight but there are two things to consider. Marquez is closer to 40 and Pacquaio is closer to his peak. This is a fight about will for both fighters have something to prove. Marquez wants to prove that he is the better fighter and he should have won the first two fights whereas Pacquaio wants to send Mayweather a message by knocking Marquez out. The one difference in the past two fights was Pacquaio’s power which resulted into four knockdowns in two fights. The knockdowns were the difference in the first fight resulting in a draw and the second fight ending in a close victory for the PacMan. The real issue is at the 38, Marquez have enough quickness to counter the fast hands of Pacquaio. He does have the style to compete with Pacquaio but it is about quickness and power. That is why Pacquaio wins.