Straight, No Chaser; Tebow is Jesus, Jesus is Tebow . . .

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: November 17, 2011
DENVER, CO. (BASN)-–During the informal lynching of Mike Vick, I can’t even begin to count the columns I penned focused on the NFL signal Caller, and I’m starting to see the same will apply to Tim Tebow. Guaranteed, by the time this kid’s H-Back type body is finally broken-down from the physical abuse a Quarterback who can’t throw nor decipher NFL defenses takes – I’ll have pounded-out countless columns outlining his quest for Elvis Presley status because Tebow will not have to go quietly into the locker-room – the bro-mance between Tim and the White male-cheerleaders who call themselves journalist won’t ever permit that to happen. They’ve too much invested in his success, such as their individual identity and their group-wide manhood. Tebow will get uncountable opportunities to display his unique talents – he’s actually got athletic skills, perhaps he can both jump and dance . . . . Nonetheless, compared to the countless Black signal-callers who were supposedly in his identical cleats; runners, athletes trying to play the field-general slot without being able to pass. The list of Black QB’s who could out-run and out-throw this reincarnation of Bambi, who could eclipse his 2/8 passing and 68 yards on the ground is an endless collection of names long forgotten, men who were never given the chance to grow and get better as Tebow is being allowed. The stark difference; it’s a given Tim is smart and will grow – he’s a White guy. He’ll mentally learn how to play the game. Black qb’s are considered to be, like their civilian brothers – not capable of mental or emotional growth. And least we forget; Tebow’s got character, he’s a hard worker, the only one. All the other players aren’t, sure some of the Mormons give it their all, but that’s a cult. Ask any respectable Southern Baptist, and Gods on his side. That’s it, in a nut’s head.. . Back to Investment. Let’s talk about investing in people, but for a moment; Can you pull up a stool here at Desi’s Shimmy-shimmy-coco-pop room . . . America has refused to invest in Black people ever since we were slaves. When we were livin’ n’ breathing sub-human property in most of White America’s estimation – they invested in keeping us alive to do the heavy lifting, kept us fit enough to breed . . . produce more workers – who work for free. However, since the end of slavery most Whites – as individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations they’ve fled instead of stay and invest in Black America; starting with schools and jobs – the cornerstone of a intelligent civilization. Instead the WASP establishment has dis-invested in Blacks, undermined any efforts to counter 400 years of oppression, opposed virtually every black leaders agendas – and instead created a fraudulent, duplicitous legal and educational system – while investing in private for-profit prisons over pre-schools. Mainstream White America, the isolated n’ insulated entity that it is, invest, tactically, in itself and its members: from superior suburban schools to yellow-bricked rural roads to guarded, segregated urban enclaves of wealthy Yuppies who want to live in the heart of the city – but not really mix n’ mingle with the help. Why? The special treatment, the privileges afforded Real Americans is based on their White lives being worth more then the rest of us. The value of their lives, their children’s lives being higher, greater than yours or mine, their potential being unlimited compared n’ contrasted to that of Black folks, so therefore logically worth investing in, pouring money and other vital resources into. OK, the Champagne n’ cheesecake break is over, back to work. Tebow will be invested in. Millions have already been poured into his pockets by the Broncos, and if his unconventional success continues, he blossoms into the Godly Golden Boy his supporters believe he can be, businesses – both local and national will beat-a-path to Tim’s bank. Now for that scenario to play-out the kid will be permitted to grow, to learn, he’ll be given every chance to become a notable NFL QB. More significantly, the team will be built around him. My guesstimation; few running backs will want to be ran into the ground because the QB can’t pass, and the “Box” will be stacked n’ packed. Nor will the receivers and tight-ends want to play with a QB who cant throw the ball accurately,consistently. Tebow will be afforded more opportunities to succeed then can be counted – because he represents . . . folks who paranoidly feel like an endangered spices in, check this one out, “their own country” – the evangelical Christians.TEA Party people who believe Jesus was a Redneck. Yes those “we’re on a mission from god” lunatic-fringe fruitcakes who’ve seized the reins of The Right in this country. Tim represents White male superiority in its full glory; Tebow don’t smoke, drink, chew nor go with girls who do, nor girls who do the do. Tim is, like his perfect-peers, the other born-again baby Jesus luvin’ White people . . . better then all the earth’s other people. They’re God’s only children . . . except for the rest of their brothers n’ sisters . . . us. As the fanatical Muslims have infidels, the US bible-thumpers have us heathens, Proof positive? Look at the Tebow jersey’s which are selling like hot bibles, the ones which don’t have his name “Tebow” stitched across the back, but rather say “Jesus.”
S ee what his fame is based-upon is who n’ what Tebow represents. And what he represents has very little to do with him the gladiator, but rather Tebow the “Christian Soldier “fighting the Black devils and White trash barbarians, Tim spreading the word of their God, or at least what angry, scared White folks have twisted it to be. Even more proof that Tebow’s popularity has much more to do with his religious/political sentiments then his gridiron exploits? In Denver, as well as across these divided states of America, AM hate radio has become the megaphone which is used by hate-talkers to amplify his abilities and capabilities to those of a pigskin caped Superman. Folks who’ve never cared about football or the NFL are adopting Tebow . . . in order to make an statement. Real, authentic, genuine White folks who want their culture back. Here in Denver, the Bronco’s official “voice” 850 KOA, news/sports talk station – which has awarded the “Big Easy Butcher,” Mike Brown, former FEMA head . . . a nightly talk-show (That’s right, close your mouth, kill enough Black folks, let enough Black folks die at your hands – and you’ll be rewarded by the Koch brothers) that 50,000 watt blowtorch of a radio station, and it’s sister station 630 KHOW, anchored by Peter Boyle’s “Lynch Mob” sounds like a modern day John Birch Society meeting, just as the TEA Baggers in Congress sound committed to insulting, demeaning, slighting and undermining the current president . . . and all Americans of Color and Nigger-lovers who support him. And its conducted with malice, and without hesitation or reservation. I implore folks to check them out via Internet, don’t take my bias word for the burning-bush truth, no, listen for yourself and behold who the Broncos/NFL get into bed with to make moo-lah . They don’t care, and their fan-base could care less. Let’s be real, Tebow will attract the Rednecks who despise most Colored folks while hiding behind Noah’s robe. “Google” Focus on the Family. Nonetheless, predictably-so the top-hate pushers behind radio-microphones have become Tebow cheerleaders; comparing n’ contrasting his goodness and godliness to the criminals/thugs/ gangsters who they profess most of the other players obviously are. Proclaiming how he’s somebody your daughter could date . . . . Sex, intercourse, interracial dating, Black Mandingo studs with Blondie groupies.Gee, might Tebow be the White alternative insecure White guys want to promote and market to all the girls who’ve went Black and have no yearning to go back . . .? That’s another subject . . . White America refuses to discuss. His handful of starts in the NFL are being twisted by lawyer/radio host/Republican Party operatives – same guy – Dan Caplis to illustrate that what you’re witnessing on the field is not the obvious reincarnation of Bobby Douglass tossin’ rock tablets and dodging burning bushes – but rather the birth of The Chosen One, The Messiah who can be a guiding light, a beacon which can shine strong and show White men . . . how to be White men. The guy who can assume their rightful place at the top. This adopting of Tebow and elevation of him to instant mythical status simply illustrates the intensity of this nation’s cultural wars, and the conservative fanatical Christian’s desire to anoint their very-own Great White Hope. This ram-roding of Tebow merely highlights their desperation, and the unchecked urge to force-feed Americans the fairytale that White men have some inherent monopoly on all the intangible elements of goodness and greatness.