Rush NASCAR and Uppity Negroes . . . .

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: November 25, 2011
DENVER CO. (BASN)It’s damn good thing I’m not only speak contemporary 21st-century Red-neck-glish . . . but I understand it. I’ve the uncanny ability to read between-the-lines n’ decipher little White lies. Rush Limbaugh’s recent employment of the term “uppity” in describing the First Lady’s appearance at a Florida NASCAR event where she was booed, was all so-very strategic. Yesteryear’s insult was dished-out in a sinister manner, diabolically deliberate and cunningly calculated to insult and inflame Black Americans, to send a sharp n’ blunt message. . . ” Hey Nigger, we don’t like you nor your kind.” And take that Nigger luver with you! . . . (Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden was with Mrs. Obama.)
Straight from the elephant’s mouth; “We don’t like paying millions of dollars for Mrs. Obama’s vacations. The NASCAR crowd doesn’t quite understand why when the husband and the wife are going to the same place, the first lady has to take her own Boeing 757 with family and kids and hangers-on four hours earlier than her husband, who will be on his 747. NASCAR people understand that’s a little bit of a waste. They understand it’s a little bit of uppity-ism.” Does NASCAR attract racist like Rush? Nevermind. Rush seeks to show his followers he’s not afraid to put us arrorant, “uppity” full-of- ourselves pompus Black folks back in our proper prescribed 3rd-class place. He sought to publically speak down to us the in the patronizing, disparaging, disrespectful and condescending manner his father and grand father got away with in their “rigged” society. When modern day Confederate Senator Joe Wilson interrupted Presidental Obama during a joint session of Congress by shouting “You lie!” and he then began to rake in millions . . . you knew where this “talkin-down-to” and about this President was going to go – to the trailer park. It won’t be long, mark my words before either Rush, Hannity, Beck, Savage or one of the other Pied-Pipers dare to say in front of their open-mics what they say behind closed doors . . . and call us Niggers. Then Mitt, Newt, Tricky Ricky or . . . Herman Cain can leap on the bandwagon and start addressing this nation’s “Nigger issues.” One of them will calculate the “time is right.” The everyday Fred n’ Barney are paranoid and scared enough the climate will be “ripe” to call us what they unabashedly do behind closed suburban doors – “Niggers,” and to treat us accordingly, as niggers, quasi -humans. And when that day arrives I don’t think all the assorted GOP House Negroes will want to stick around the ole Plantation. However, they won’t be able to catch the 2:15 home either. . . . They’ll have no home. The term “uppity” historically, traditionally is followed by the word ‘Nigger,” – we all know that, so I’m making no Grand Canyon leap here. Is there anyone who believes Rush n’ his roomies don’t tack on that All-American term-of-endearment whenever describing Blacks deemed as “uppity?” And my God, who knows the Blacks, Latinos, Asians and women Limbaugh regards as uppity? The list is endless I’d guess. The more logical question; who’s not on that list . . . Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain . . . . The rest of us, the 95% of Black folks of us are out of our assigned place. FDR’s New Deal was the beginning of the end if you ask Rush, and the progress of the 1950’s n’ 60’s ought be reversed. Thos e eras-of-hard-earned-enlightenment created the social mobility which allows those from the bottom to enjoy a lifestyle of security/stability/pros parity once cunningly reserved for only the hi n’ all-so-mighty . . . the Limbaughs. I want to believe most folks understand the term uppity simply means one does not accept nor adhere to the place they’ve been assigned by . . . dig this, White men within American society. Now here’s what Rush n’ the rest of the Grand Pooh-Pahs miss; most enlightened Americans-of-color, and even White women, brandish such a tag as “uppity” like Tim Tebow totes the Good Book around . . . proudly. Say it loud, I’m Black n’ I’m Proud . . . ! And I believe in Black Power. There’s a special place for folks who the historically oppressive majority brands as Uppity. The distinction means you’re doing your job, igniting that blue flame under the asses of folks who may soon be gathering around a burning cross – as their fore-fathers did. Somebody go put o n Billie Holiday’s Blue’s classic “Strange Fruit.” Now, here’s what we do know; Rush lends at least 297 ponds of credibility to the whole argument this type of obsession with the oppression of Black people – is what’s at the base, the bottom, the ground-level of the White backlash which swept across the land the day the First Couple laid their Black asses down-to-sleep. Oh, there-goes the country! I’d argue I’m not being overly dramatic here, I haven’t gone to Hollywood let-along down on Broadway; there’re millions-upon million of White folks – TEA Party Gold-Cup Members and someday-sympathisers, who see inclusion and diversity precisely like that – as if the sky is fallin! ! And to be honest – they’d like to burn the bed-sheets n’ pillows, replace all the White House furnishings, specifically the kitchen-ware, toilets and tubs . . . because the blind-hate is so-great, so-very vast, so nonsensical, yet so wide-spread. Recall the America of design . Go beyond the obvious separate n’ unequal communites, i.e., stores, schools, hospitals and so on and instead let’s delve deeper into the embedded psychological complexities – segregated cemeteries. Cemeteries? Segregated armed forces, municipal police forces . . . for decades Black cops couldn’t arrest White criminals . . . 14 year-old Emmit Till murdered for whistling at a White women, adults being refered to by your first name/ having to put a handle on White folks names, repremanded for looking a White person directly in the eye. . . . What in the hell do those indignites scream about the complexities concerning White America’s psychological issues? Nonetheless . . . this is the America Rush grew-up in: an long gone-by era he longs-to return-to . . . and he ain’t alone. See that’s what we 50 year-old Black and Brown children of token integration need to accept; it tragically matters that 75% of White America really does not want to mix nor mingle with us, or for that matter most Americans-of-color. And a step deeper; this Pat Buchanan slice which seeks to remain isolated n’ insulated from an horrific world they help create – their “Conservative” view of the world is similar – they hate, I say hate the United Nations and the whole idea of “shared power” and “we are the world.” It seems at some point we’re going to have to point-out the obvious; Archie Bunker ain’t dead, he lives on, every generation of White America will have one if not a ton, . . . if not millions who believe in “White superiority.” An imperialistic mind-set that all-of-mankind is beneath them . . . those thoughts represent “Americana” – mom’s apple pie, Coke and Corvettes. It’s with us for the duration of the flight . . . Honestly, I’ll take Archie over a Mitch Romney any day. Let’s halt this pretending Rush Limbaugh is some obese oddity, an irrelevant carnival barker, let’s stop ignoring and dismissing him, but instead turn and combat the aristocratic racism he not merely symbolizes but amplifies and orchestrates all across the land. Rush is not merely the voice of half-mad White Americans . . . he’s their heart, soul and minds. When he says i t shows “‘arrogance’ for Mrs. Obama to show up at a NASCAR event knowing she’s not wanted there, he’s merely saying what millions feel. …”